The Finest Options for the Massage Business: What You Can Expect

The relaxation and well-being sector is not experiencing the crisis. Opening a massage parlor, with only around 30 square meters needed, is relatively easy, even in the heart of a big city. It is also a meaningful and rewarding profession: we bring confidence and well-being to our customers.

Here are already three good reasons to open a massage parlor. Dozens more might come to mind and that’s why you decided to start your business.

To help you in this process, we give you advice here to transform this entrepreneurial adventure into success. We will come back in detail on the massage salon market study, as well as the marketing plan and the writing of the business plan of a wellness establishment. In short, after reading this guide, you will have all the keys in hand to take up this challenge brilliantly. Just like the 스웨디시  you can have the best deal now.

Market research: a key step before opening a massage parlor

Identify a business opportunity to open a massage parlor

Market research is a must when you want to create a massage parlor, it allows you to verify the existence of a business opportunity at the local level. As such, you will need to collect a lot of information.

  • First of all, it will be necessary to properly assess the competition and to ask whether there is sufficient demand to be able to welcome a new player on the market. To do this, you will need to evaluate the massage parlors already established in your city:
  • It will be advisable to get in touch here: with customers to clearly understand their expectations and their budget, and with your future competitors in order to understand what problems they encounter on a daily basis.
  • Armed with this information, you can then check if the is large enough to support the arrival of a new entrant (i.e. your company), and find a commercial positioning allowing you to stand out from what your competitors already offer.

From the luxury cabin in the Spa area of ​​a 5-star hotel, to the small unpretentious neighborhood institute, the offers can be very varied. It’s up to you to identify the most promising techniques and the positioning that will appeal to your target. You can also opt for 홈타services in its full vigor.

Carry out an economic study

This involves making a business plan and a financial plan aimed at studying the viability, profitability and relevance of the project. This step is also essential for finding funding or help for the self-employed. The financing institutions are indeed relying on this study to release the funds necessary for the creation of the company.

Choose a local

The choice of location plays a decisive role in the success of the wellness massage salon. The auto-entrepreneur must therefore take into account several criteria to choose the ideal place to exercise his activity:

the location ;

the price of the rent ;

the terms of the contract (duration, sublet, costs, etc.);

the improvements Leasehold;

the repairs ;

other details such as insulation, soundproofing, maintenance, competition …

He is also to exercise at his home .

Choose your legal status and register with URSSAF

The profession of well-being masseur is compatible with many legal statutes .

The micro-enterprise (formerly called auto-entrepreneur) is the status par excellence to start. The auto-entrepreneur benefits from very simplified formalities and very advantageous creation costs . All the procedures can be done online at

Apart from the status of micro-entrepreneur , the masseur can also access other options .

The EI, sole proprietorship in its own name: this status is suitable for launching a business alone. However, the way in which social contributions are paid (calculated on the basis of a percentage of profits) can act as a brake .

The EURL, Sole Proprietorship Limited Liability Company or Sole Partner LLC is suitable for a wellness masseur wishing to expand their business later . The calculation of the manager’s social charges is based on his remuneration, which he determines himself.

SASU, a simplified single-person joint-stock company : this is the ideal status to avoid the SSI (Social security for the self-employed). Indeed, the president of the SASU is under the assimilated-employee regime and benefits from the advantages it entails.

Make yourself known and find customers

No matter how and where the wellness masseur wishes to practice his profession, this step is very important. The best way to make yourself known today is to create your own website and exploit social networks . This technique makes it possible to acquire a large number of potential customers in a short time . Professional networks and professional directories are also great ways to start the business.

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