Right Details for the Perfect Affiliate marketing Now

Don’t have the money to create a professional blog or buy paid traffic? Start with YouTube or Instagram. Instagram is faster. With about 100 followers, you can start selling. With YouTube it takes longer to start having results because you need to have 50 videos, depending on the niche, to start viewing.

If you want to work with a blog and have no money, create an article for Medium

You create an account on that platform and publish your articles to promote your affiliate link. The good thing about this platform is that it is famous, it has a lot of traffic, and the chance that your articles will come first in the Google ranking is great.

Medium has a lot of authority in the market. Use the authority of that platform to advertise your products. You can You can get more info here and have the best deals now.

Be willing to do the Guest Post. What is it?

Offer to write texts on sites considered important to Google, as these sites receive a lot of visits. Link these articles that took visitors to your Instagram, link to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Important notice: When you write an article, write the best text you can. Do a lot of research. If possible, add statistical data on the subject.

  • Authoritative websites and blogs refuse poorly written and unsubstantiated articles. Learn how to format an article. Use H1, H2 and H3. Research what keywords will be emphasized in the article to attract maximum visitors.
  • That’s how you work with affiliate marketing without having the money to spend on paid ads or to buy the best digital marketing tools.
  • The idea is to deliver quality content on these platforms to take advantage of their huge traffic to increase your authority as a producer or affiliate and thus make sales.

Simple Strategies To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Video review

You record a video talking about the benefits of the product. List the product’s qualities and advantages. If you have used the product, leave the testimony of the result you obtained when purchasing the product.

This strategy is widely used by beginners to earn money fast on YouTube. Many use it to promote its physical products because the commissions are high.

Example: A product highly recommended by affiliates is “Wealth formula”.

Affiliates make a video review of the product and put the video title as “Does Wealth formula Really Work? “,” Wealth formula Emagre really “,” Wealth formula Really Good? “.

When someone searches for more information about the product, the person will use these keywords and the video of these affiliates will appear to answer the visitor’s doubts. This is where the affiliate wins the sale. He will recommend the “Wealth formula” at the end of the video and tell the prospective buyer to click on the link just below the video to learn more information about the product.

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