Earning Possibilities Thickening with Affiliate Marketing

The number of affiliates is not the criterion to be taken into account. Instead, the real competition comes from “super affiliates” like you if you apply the guide’s advice. The vast majority of affiliates just put a banner on their site. They are usually the ones who think that affiliation is not profitable. Others promote many products at once and never sell anything. “Super affiliates” focus on a small number of advertisers and deploy a real strategy. As work-and-earn-from-home-venture, it is important to get the right knowledge in Affiliate Marketing.

 Cookies can be deleted by visitors so that we can lose commissions.

The cookie is the keystone of the tracking system for affiliate programs and, therefore, of your remuneration. Even if the proportion of Internet users who deliberately delete their cookies is marginal, it should not be forgotten that some Internet users delete cookies from their computers.

Reminder: thanks to an innovative technology offered by Affiliate, each click is collected on the server-side, and thus guarantees the continuity of tracking without cookies and by IP. In other words, even if a user deletes cookies from their computer and places an order, the commission will return to you.

95% of affiliates make little sales in affiliate marketing

Few affiliates make sales for four main reasons:

  • They are not trained in affiliate marketing.
  • They advertise trivial, even aggressive.
  • They sell, they do not advise.
  • They don’t know the product they are selling.

Some Internet users do not like to click on affiliate links.

Internet users are often ready to reach into their wallets to buy what interests them. But for some strange reason, they hate that a middleman takes a commission, even if it doesn’t cost them a dime. This category of Internet users does exist. It is essential to take this into account. 

This is all the more reason to be honest with your readers and not use techniques to hide your affiliate links (or warn them). However, Internet users are more and more informed and less likely to reject these affiliate links.

Promote an affiliate product to the wrong people

It sounds logical, and yet a lot of affiliates make this mistake. For example, if your website talks about gardening, do not offer your visitors products from a completely different theme with nothing in common. To sell, you have to present your message to people who are likely to be interested in it.

Promote an untested and untested offer

You will agree as an online entrepreneur; it is impossible to present a product that you have not tested beforehand or a product that has not brought you any satisfaction. For example, would you recommend to your friends a movie you haven’t seen? Of course not. If you do not present your personal experience, your message will have a purely commercial resonance. Your message will be impersonal and prevent you from making sales.

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