Things that you must consider when taking a bridging loan


There are many benefits that one can get from taking a bridging loan. Bridging loans are very quick to secure, they can come with low interest and fees and they can be the best solution if you are in urgent need of a short-term loan. Many people go for a bridging loan because they are very affordable for all that need a huge amount of money for the short term. The payment is flexible as well. Just as the name suggests, bridging loans are purely for bridging a temporary gap. After you have a long term solution, you can then repay your loan. Although bridging loans are considered as a savior, some things must be considered before taking the loan. Here are some of them

A secure exit strategy

Before you even think of taking a bridging loan, you must make sure that you have a way out of the short term loan. This is because the loan is only issued for a short term and if you delay making payments, you can lose the property that you use as security. Also, bridging loans have higher monthly interest rates as compared to long term loans. Therefore, you should not consider borrowing for long that it is necessary for you. Other bridging lenders will charge you for renewing the loan terms. Because of that, you should first be sure of an exit strategy before you can think of borrowing a bridging loan. With you, will have a secure exit strategy

Property resale considerations

Property resale has been the most common type of exit strategy for many people who borrow bridging loans. If you expect to repay the loan with a property resale, it is best if you do your homework very well. First, you should try finding out what your property is worth. Have a realistic expectation from the property resale before you can take a loan. You can do your research by checking the similar properties that have been sold from your area. You can also have your property evaluated just to know the correct amount of money you can borrow as a bridging loan.

Consider the total loan cost

This is also a very important consideration when you are looking for a bridging Tiger Financialloan. With bridging loans, there are very few cost issues that you can consider. One of the cost considerations is the interest to be paid. You should check the interest that you are needed to pay for the bridging loan and compare the amount with other possible financing options. Apart from the interest costs, you should also determine the facility fee, the legal costs, the valuation fee, the administration fee, exit fee, and the broker fee among other things.

Consider re-financing

Re-financing is another popular exit strategy. This can be used in situations where you took a loan to buy a property and carry out the refurbishment. Before using this strategy, it is important to be sure of the move.

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