5 Tips For Presenting Effectively On Conference Calls

In this global lockdown due to COVID-19, most of the companies allow their employees to work remotely. This is s bit challenging task for the workers who used to work in the office environment and never tried to work from home. To keep them all the employees motivated, effective communication is necessary, and business owners have to rely on conference calls.

According to the RADA research report, senior managers find it difficult to behave naturally during conference calls. This is the biggest challenge as effective communication is the basic step of any business.

As a professional, you have to overcome this weakness. We have a few tips for you to learn how to present effectively on the conference call. Try these tips to fill the communication gap between your teams and clients.

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●       Relax your body to release tension 

Take some minutes to relax your body and prepare for the conference call before it begins. All you have to do is, stand up and lose your body. The easiest way of releasing tension is to extend your arms upward and then let them come back by drawing an arc to your sides, pointing to the earth. The next step is to roll your shoulders backward and forward for a couple of times. Move your head to each side to release tension between your muscles. Repeat this whole process two or three times; it is great to keep you calm during the call.

●       Vocal warm-up 

Tong twister is an incredible method to warm up your tongue, lips, and voice. Make this part of your routine before you jump on a business call. For the better engagement of the audience, play with your pitch.

●       Check your posture 

Posture plays an important role in keeping your communication effective. Sit on a chair with upright your sit bones. Place your feet on the floor rather than putting them on some kind of support. Keep your posture straight. This will engage your audience and let you communicate with confidence.

●       Take deep Breathe 

Take some time to check your breath; breathe in and breathe out deeply, and slowly will increase your focus. Relax your belly and let it move freely while taking breathe; it will not only give strength to your voice but also make it clear. Take small pauses to let the audience digest your idea; you will also get enough time to prepare yourself for the next speech.

●       Focus on the webcam and build connections 

Building strong relationships is the main idea behind video conferencing. It is quite simple to turn off from one place and switch to another. If you got an unexpected call from one of your clients or team members, always be there even if you have a meeting in your schedule, this would help you build connections and, ultimately, opportunities. Pay attention to your focus and keep it in one place. Don’t look at your appearance and keep your eye on the webcam; it is better to hide the self-view. This will increase your focus on the audience.

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