Before The Cure

Before The Cure


Ronald Regan was pointed out how quickly the world would come together if the earth was invaded by some alien species. Well, we have been invaded by a species, not alien, it is a terrestrial species, but it is intent on killing us off. There is solidarity among the nations, but within national boarders, there is division. The U.S. is a good example of this. The states are requesting more support from the federal government. And the federal government has been reluctant to provide it. In fact, initially, the federal government had the position that the virus was a hoax. A week later the federal government declared a national emergency behind the same event. This reversal was needed but the handwringing was criminal. How could the U.S. not have enough medical supplies or produce them in the time needed? Additionally, the U.S. rejected tests for the virus from the World Health Organization. Saying we are the most advanced country in the world. Pride comes before a fall.

Regan’s question, perhaps desire, about unity through the auspices of commonality was answered. I wonder if our national research for a vaccine is as fractured as the logistics involved with securing ventilators for dying people.  Our medical professionals must use one-time-use face masks for a week at a time. This is like watching a horror movie with a monster that kills people in slow motion.

Regan’s message was intended for the world, but I believe only his audience received that message.

This former U.S. President was born in 1911, firmly planted in the Greatest Generation. They endured the 1918 Flu pandemic, World War, and Depression. They were the greatest not because they overcame incredible hardship, but because they had leadership and they followed it. Right now, we’re under attack from a virus and we’re attacking each other. We need leadership to lift the fog of war, not cloak itself in it, and then blame others. We need leadership that sees down the road and they also see us down that road. I mean, they care for us during the journey. I fear some leaders see far ahead but they don’t see clearly, the faces of those they lead, and so it’s easy if you lose some of them.

-Shawn Abrams | Abrams Index | abrams360media


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