Ready for Anything: Where to Get Money During Emergencies

When something bad happens, you will usually have to pay for it. Whether it is damage to your house or your child getting sick, there is a price to every emergency. This can be a problem for those who don’t have money saved up or insurance to pay for it.


For those who are looking for ways to pay for these surprise expenses, here is a quick guide to some of the options available:

Emergency Money Help: How to Get Out of an Unexpected Financial Crisis

There is Always Your Family and Friends


The first place you can turn to is family and friends. Borrowing money from them is pretty smart. This is because they don’t charge interest. If you have rich relatives, then you can always try this option. There are some limitations though. They won’t have that much money sometimes. You also need to consider your relationships with them. This means that you need to pay them back as soon as possible, despite there being no interest.


Look at Your Assets


It might surprise you how much you are exactly worth. A person has several assets that they can use to their advantage when it comes to emergencies. The most expensive asset that most people have is usually their house or car. You can use these as collateral for loans or even sell them if necessary. You might have other assets like jewelry and even stocks. All of these have value and selling them off or using them as security for loans can ensure that you have the money that you need.


Government Assistance


If you are lucky, you might be qualified to get some government assistance. There are several programs out there that release the money to those who are in need. This can range from disaster to disability assistance. Look into these programs to see whether you meet the requirements. If you do, apply for them and hope for the best. These programs take time for approval though so you should supplement it with other options.


Credit Cards


If you have an existing credit card, then that can be your best option. A high credit limit can often be enough to allow you to pay for a variety of expenses. Make sure that you pay off the debt though. This ensures that you have credit for the future and that the interest does not balloon.

Developing An Emergency Savings Account


Take Out a Loan


One of the available options for emergency money is loans. When people think of loans, they often think of banks and credit scores. These loan processes are too slow for surprise expenses though. You need the money as quickly as possible. Fortunately, several lenders would be able to give you money with minimal requirements and quick processing.


For example, you can get quick payday loans in Salt Lake City and other urban areas. These loans are small and usually have requirements that you pay them on the next payday with a slight interest. Look around your local lenders and see which ones offer the quickest loans at the lowest interest rates to see your best options.


Paying off the bill will remove a huge worry from your mind. These are just short-term solutions, though. The next time there is an emergency, you might not have access to some of these options. It would be a good idea to start saving up for an actual emergency fund once you are financially stable.

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