Live in a healthy, friendly and comfortable atmosphere

Relocating to a new place without family is very stressful.  Most of the professionals, students, and other frequent travelers look for a clean, sociable, and supportive environment where they can enjoy both privacy and collaboration. The co-living concept is becoming popular in big cities as it enables people from different walks of life to start their life the moment immediately; they step-in in the fully furnished co-living space. Reputable co-living operators such as Morton Place offer commendable services to each occupant regardless of their occupation, country, religion, race, financial background, etc. and help them to create sweet memories for a lifetime. 

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Things to consider

Apparently, co-living offers ample benefits, and hence many people consider a co-living good alternative to service apartments, rent houses, paying guests, etc. Choosing the right co-living is crucial for your overall wellbeing and satisfactory living experience. Consider a few aspects before locking down any living space and enjoy your stay

  • Keep your personal comfort on top and evaluate the size of the room, furniture, private bathroom, Wi-Fi speed, etc.
  • Location can play a major role if you are a person who likes to hang out at night. Choose a co-living space which is near to shopping mall, night club and most importantly space must be easily accessible by public transport
  • Ensure the amenities and common spaces offered by the operator is fully functional, effective and can be accessed at any point of time
  • If you are a busy professional, then check the availability of cleaning, housekeeping and laundry services
  • Compare the prices and services of a few reputable co-living operators and then choose the best deal

Cost-effective option

In a big city affording living space with high-quality amenities could be quite expensive.  With reputable co-living space, everyone can enjoy the beautiful, clean, and comfortable living space at quite a reasonable price. Moreover, occupants can get rid of the restriction of landlords and a huge utility bill. Sharing the common space such as cooking area, entertainment area, gym, co-working space, dining, etc. will reduce your expenditure and also provide you the opportunity to socialize with a likeminded person.  Regardless of the time span of your stay in co-living, you will be able to create great memories and even can build a relationship for a lifetime. 

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