Impact of corona virus on global economy

Corona virus has bounced the global economy by shutting down the access and breaking the supply chains. The market has become volatile and is facing economic breaks. The effects of the trouble can be seen in industries of entrainment, food, cloth, gas and oil. Tourism is the most affected industry globally because corona virus is spreading continuously. This forces them to restrict traveling. Fast spreading of corona virus not only decreases the growth and economy of the companies but it has also become the reason of programs and activities cancellation. Corona virus has spread globally and it has affected the human health as well as Oil and gas prices market. The oil and gas market suffered a lot as virus is continuously spreading throughout Asia. The demand of oil and gas has decreased due to corona virus. This has led to decrease in oil and gas prices.

 Guidelines for corona virus that you should know

  •  Mode of spreading- It can spread from person to person. If a person is suffering from sneeze and cough, he or she will take respiratory droplets. These droplets will be inhaled through lungs or land in the nose or mouth. The person that is close to that infected person can get the infection of corona virus. The sickest person is more contagious and easily infects the other person but some infection is caused before they show symptoms. If you touch any object with your hands which has virus on it and then you touch your own mouth, eye and nose, then it is possible that you get infected by corona virus. 

Symptoms – The corona virus symptoms include fever, cough and cold. It can also cause difficulty in breathing. As it is viral pneumonia, so in severe cases it can cause organ failure. If you have any of these symptoms, then you should consult the doctor because there are high chances of corona virus infection.

 Treatment – As it is viral pneumonia, no antiviral drugs and antibiotics work. In severe cases, the treatment for respiratory problems and vital organ functions is provided. In most of the cases, improvement or recovery depends upon your immunity. If your immune system is strong, your recovery is fast.

Prevention- As there is not such treatment or vaccine available for infection of corona virus, prevention is very important. You can prevent yourself from corona virus in any ways. Some ways are:

  1. Do not touch your nose, eye and mouth with your dirty hands, wash it well.
  2.  Always sneeze and cough covering your mouth.
  3.  Always keep clean your surrounded area and surrounding etc.
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