What You Need To Know About Office Reinstatement Works 

Office reinstatement involves the restoration of an office space back to its original state. This commonly involves furniture disposal, hacking of installed infrastructure, and repainting all surfaces. Additionally, all electrical cables, plumbing works and fire safety systems have to be dismantled. This gets the office ready for a new tenant to take over and begin renovation works.

How To Begin Reinstatement Works

When you have decided to give up your lease of an office space, you should first search for the original as-built plans of the space. If you do not have a copy, you could request for the building management. The as-built plans describe the space before any works were done to them, and is the end goal of the reinstatement works.

Next, search for a reputable reinstatement contractor who you can work with to reinstate the space. During the contractor’s initial visit, they would ask you questions about ceiling finishes, air conditioning, fire systems and lighting layouts. This will help them to ascertain the scope of the job and prepare the requisite resources to complete the tasks.

You should also make sure to include building management in all discussions with your chosen reinstatement contractor. All reinstatement works would have to be in line with guidelines provided by the building’s management and possibly property agent as well.

During Reinstatement Works

During all phases of the reinstatement works, it is important that all parties are agreeable on the work. Reinstatement may be subjective at times as there is no clear line as to what must be taken down or restored. 

If your building has unique materials or is made from out of demand materials, then it may be difficult to find the resources needed to fully reinstate the space. As such, it is important that all parties agree on the replacement material specifications and workmanship for the final restored state.

The Difference Between a Good & Bad Reinstatement Contractor

Reinstatement can be a frustrating and messy process if you engage an inexperienced reinstatement contractor. During reinstatement, all electrical and plumbing works will have to be dismantled. This poses many safety hazards and possibly the chance permeant damage to the space if not handled correctly.

Furthermore, all extra cement structures, doors, windows and curtains will have to be hacked down. With this, there is a risk that other parts of the original space will be damage. Additionally, a bad contractor may leave the space in a mess after hacking works. 

As such, it is critical that you only hire trusted office reinstatement Singapore contractors who have authentic testimonials to back their services. Additionally, you should ask for samples or case studies of past projects that demonstrate their expertise and service levels towards clients. 


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