The Best Options for the Perfect Property Development Options


When you invest in real estate, you want one thing: return. That seems easier than it is. A good purchasing policy and efficient and well-considered management determine the level of the return. You must therefore have knowledge of the facts. Read below our tips and tricks when purchasing real estate. In case of Property finance and development this is important now.

What is the interest rate for a home development mortgage?

You need financial resources to be able to finance a home development building. These funds are often obtained from a mortgage. A home development mortgage is a home development loan that is geared to buying or renovating a home development premises. A corporate mortgage usually has a term of approximately 25 years. This is a part of PFD process.

But what about the interest?

Interest from a company mortgage Determining the interest is always tailor-made. In doing so, the bank looks at your company, the sector, the expectations for the coming years and the value of the building. The latter requires a valuation by a recognized appraiser. They want to be able to make a good estimate. They will then see if a company mortgage suits you and whether you can bear the monthly payments.

Personal situation

We would like to discuss the commercial mortgage with you. Thanks to our extensive network, knowledge of the market and the financiers, we know how to mediate the best financing proposal for you. With proper preparation and a thorough plan, we ensure that your application for a company mortgage is honored under the best conditions. For the Property development loans you need to be specific in these cases.

Buy and finance your investment property

Are you considering buying an investment property for renting? Real Estate Financing  offers customized solutions for the small and larger investor. We help you with the financing of a residential, retail or commercial property for the rental or the (re) financing of your existing real estate portfolio.

About investment property An investment property is property that is rented out. The purpose of an investment object is to generate a return by obtaining rental income. The rental value and therefore the return are (strongly) dependent on the location, the economic influences and performance of the property when purchasing an investment property that has already been leased, the lease (or leases) is transferred to the new owner due to legal reasons.

Financing investment property

If you have an investment property in mind, you can (partially) finance the purchase thereof. You then take out a loan for part of the purchase price. With real estate financing you have to take into account an own contribution of 30-40% of the value of the investment property. It is also possible to co-house a property that is already in possession for the purchase of a new investment property. In this way, the financier has extra certainty and your own contribution to the financing is guaranteed. You make your assets cash in this way.

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