Investing in Social Vending Machines to Boost your Brand Presence

Social media is incorporated into each aspect of people’s daily lives. That is why businesses are tapping into it to use it at their events. From a digital conversation to promotional events, social media can offer many benefits for business events.  But, aside from having social media profiles for your business, you can stand out even more if you go a step further. You can make your brand presence known, utilized, and remembered by investing in social vending machines. These machines can be installed in phone charging stations where there are many people who can take their chances. 

How a Social Vending Machine Works

Investing in social media machines will help boost your social presence. Social-media-activated vending machines are a great way to leverage the power of social media when you run a promotional giveaway. As your brand continues to search for new ways to engage fans and expand your reach, the social vending machine has found a way to put a fresh spin on a familiar item. These Wi-Fi-connected machines can be stocked with anything from product-filled custom bags to single items. Guests can get a gift by following instructions on a touch-screen interface that prompts them to tweet at the brand’s handle along with a hashtag that refreshes following every use. There are endless possibilities that can entertain your attendees.

How Brands are Using the Machine

Social media interaction-based vending machines can be used by brands to dispense branded freebies or samples. With these machines, brands don’t need to make consumers jump through hoops to take part. They focus on surprise and delight. For instance, Adidas engaged Red Sox and Dodgers fans during the 2018 World Series, by placing a vending machine in both LA and Boston where fans could snag free items such as autographed items and T-shirts. 

Moreover, car shows are becoming a famous spot for Twitter vending machines. A machine has been used by Chevrolet for dispensing Mattel collectors-edition blue Camaro die cast. The machine asked consumers to tweet what they liked about the car. The tweet includes a certain hashtag and Twitter handle. 

Some vending machines are made to encourage social interaction in exchange for goods. Moving away from paying for items with money, vending machines integrate the elements of social engagement as an alternative form of payment. The machines dispense goods in return for engagement using interactive and heartfelt experiences to strengthen the interaction between consumers and brands. If you are convinced about the effectiveness of these machines to promote your brand, ensure you plan for the products you want to put in it and the engagement you require to retrieve a product. 

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