A Complete Guide to buy Air compressor and dryer 

Compressed air has been preferred all over the world for power source lately. Since it is safe, flexible and more convenience, the number of people trying it is increasing every day. Light weight design, low cost maintenance and there are many more things in air compressor alluring people extensively to procure it. But the options available on air compressor are quite too many and it is perplexing the buyer to narrow down their options. Buying an air compressor may seem an intimidating task to many but actually it isn’t. Investing time researching assist the buyer to procure the one which suits their needs best. 


  • Types of Air compressor:


In general, there are two types of air compressor available on the market such as reciprocating compressor and rotary screw compressor. Their functions are unique and they perform better under variable circumstances. If you are unable to fish out the suitable one for your need, get the assistance of field experts. The veterans can easily understand your situation and needs; they suggest the air compressor accordingly. 


  • Power:


Horsepower produced by air compressor must meet your needs. Air compressor that produces higher horsepower can handle the heavier workloads and if you in such need of tackling heavier workloads, you have to choose the compressor that produces higher horse power.  


  • Drive system:


When buying a air compressor, drive system is a prominent thing to look after. When you are located on the place where you get higher access to electricity, and then stick to the higher electric motor. If the access towards electricity is less, then it is better to stick to the gasoline engine driven compressor. 


  • Tank Size:


Tanks are available on variable size and it is advisable to consider overall type of usage. If you are in need of quick and concentrated bursts, then short tanks are suggested to people. Larger tanks are ideas for prolonged usage. Study your needs and choose the tanks accordingly. 

Dryers and its types:

While buying the air compressor, compressed air dryer is also a vital thing to keep your eye on. Just like the compressors, dryers are also available on various types such as desiccant dryers, membrane dryers, point of use dryers, refrigerated dryers and deliquescent dryers. The function of every dryer varies from one another. Understanding the needs of your compressor, you must stick your choices on the dryers. 

Other things to consider in dryers:

Other than the type, there are other things on dryers you look after. Some of the things are flow rate, operating pressure, air inlet and dew point temperature, ambient temperature, application and environment. By considering the above mentioned, you can easily narrow down the choices and stick to the well suited one on the market. 

Weather, indoor and outdoor use should also be considered. Comparing the products offers you better insights and paves a way to fish out the effectual products. 

Do not settle down on anything without proper research. Procure the best one on the market. 


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