Interview with Abhishek Jaiswal , Asia’s most successful Digital Marketer

Abhishek Jaiswal , Co Founder of Techzis Technologies , needs no introduction . After completing his B. Tech in Computer Engineering from prestigious National Institute of Technology(India) , Abhishek  started offering software & digital marketing consultancy as a freelancer & raised $20 Million to start an online Vacations company. Then in 2015 he launched Techzis Technologies , a software product company & a digital marketing firm . Today Techzis has a team of 1700 people in software & digital marketing niche ,1200 Clients & over $100 Mn in revenues . Techzis has 450+ proprietary softwares in Consumer Niche & over 9000+ software codes & plugins . Techzis is the first Asian company to implement Whatsapp Business solutions for Facebook Inc & a Google Ad partner.

Lets take you to his journey

  1. How does it feels to be called Asia’s best Digital Marketeer ?

To be honest , I don’t believe in Titles . I never have . At the end of the day it’s your work that counts . I am happy that some of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years now .It can be done only through consistent service delivery

  1. How was your transition from a Hardcore Coder to a Digital Marketeer ?

It was not that difficult . I believe that Digital Marketing is just an extension of good software programming . Without good code development skills you will lack in many of the things that can be done digitally . for exa – A good digital ad is a waste if you don’t have a good funnel & a stickiness to your website . I code regularly & expect my team to be good at it.We don’t hire any digital marketers without coding skills

  1. 1200 Clients , Softwares , Big Team . What else do you want to achieve? What are your goals

I think that learning should never stop. In fact I am still the first guy in the company who speaks with clients & regularly monitor their projects for first few months till we achieve a comfort level . Then our team takes care of it . My Goal is to maximize the ROI for our clients & actually make them grow .Some of our Clients were small startups when we started, now they are big companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues. Many of them use our software products to run their Business .It’s satisfying as well as a good deal in the end.

  1. What branches of Digital Marketing do you see evolving in 2020 ?

I am particularly bullish in the AI & Personalized ad recommendations for the next decade . Eventually at some point in future , everyone is going to see different advertisements & offers individually tailor made for them . We are already working on that technology but it’s at a very early stage & there might be good three four years to launch it for masses.

  1. Are you happy with the Digital Marketing & Affiliate Industry growth ?

Well, the growth has been phenomenal .Today a Business cannot survive without exploring digital  platforms. Sadly the skill levels of Digital Professionals are less than satisfactory . Most are still stuck in old SEO strategies & tricks that have become obsolete for example Google changes its algorithms sometimes every single day . There is a major update every year . How can you survive if you stop learning ?  It’s a field which requires more learning on a daily basis  than medics & doctors.

  1. What are the future plans for Techzis ?

Currently , we have two divisions of  Software development &  Digital Marketing .We are coming up with a third division offering outsourced staffing solutions. Our people sit in Singapore & India offices while Australia office is mainly for sales & business development . Covid has deferred our expansion plans & we are now looking to consolidate our existing Business.


  1. What are the biggest roadblocks you see for new Businesses trying to sort their digital marketing career ?

First is the hidden costs involved. One has to purchase many softwares & SaaS apps during a full digital completion cycle that at one point it really starts to pinch .Second , it’s a grave mistake to separate your digital strategy from your Tech infrastructure . A bad website/app will not yield any results despite hiring best marketers in the business. Third,  the lack of software programming skills in digital marketer community which ,in my opinion, limits learning & achieving extraordinary results . Many Digital marketers think that they can get away with the bad results & there is always a next client or project around the corner . It inevitably leads to mediocrity.

  1. Any advice to new Digital Marketers & Businesses looking to expand their digital strategy ?

After 15+ years , I have realized that excellence is only way to survive .It’s a winner takes all industry . How many small businesses you see doing well in digital space ? Very few . And the reason is that chose the best people. Does that means that small businesses have no chance? Absolutely not .They have to adopt what I call a guerilla strategy  Chase excellence & money will follow . Never give up on your dreams & be responsible for your actions .


Budding Entrepreneurs/ Digital Marketers  can contact Abhishek on Linkedin  for any suggestions.


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