How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Winter

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Hair in winter requires care just like in summer, because the most extreme seasons of the year force us to pay special attention to the health of our skin, and let’s not forget that the scalp is skin too. Therefore, everything that the scalp suffers will also suffer the hair.

The first thing we can tell you as a general rule to protect your hair in winter is that you avoid washing it with very hot water since it will weaken the fibers and on the other hand that it is the ideal time for you to visit your salon to receive an intensive hydration treatment.

In this sense, once you receive the professional advice and treatment that your hair needs from king Collection hair, you must continue with the care at home especially if you expose your hair to wind or snow.

Several very simple basic cares can make a difference so brought together tips from professionals’ hair cosmetics in the country so you can apply them at home.

Tips For Taking Care of Your Hair During the Winter

  • Avoid leaving home with wet hair, and less covered, even if it is virgin Brazilian hair. This means that even if you wear wool caps, try to do it with tissues that let your scalp breathe.
  • During washing, make sure your scalp is completely clean, for which you must pay close attention to the rinse to avoid residues that then dull your hair.
  • Apply the shampoo on the hair roots and conditioner from half of your hair down.
  • Wash your hair day by half and not daily to prevent the natural hair fiber oil from getting lost, and therefore be very exposed to cold and wind.
  • Talk to your stylist to recommend the most suitable products for your hair type, when using the correct products, you will notice a great change.
  • Towel dry hair without rubbing or draining excessively.
  • Try to avoid sources of heat such as dryer, iron, and loop. If you can stand the cold of feeling it wet when you get out of the shower, let it dry by itself.
  • I resorted to thermal protectors that are applied without rinsing.
  • Leave your hair loose as long as possible to avoid the pressure of the gummies.

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It is important to dry the hair very carefully and without scrubbing with a towel before placing the conditioner. The hair is permeable to water and if the excess is not removed, the effect that the conditioner will do will be interfered with by the water that remains inside the fiber that will not allow it to absorb the treatment correctly.

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