The market never fails to fool us or even the experts

It can be seen that there is a great fall in the interest rates, as compared to the previous years. The market is having a dip period. 

Every month a survey called Wall Street Journal Economic Forecasting Survey is conducted to get the data regarding their expectations on what the treasury bonds will be yielding in the future dates. Over 50 economists are surveyed under this project.

There can also be times when you make proper plans to achieve your targeted yield, but in this present scenario even proper planning also may not let you get the best deal you have been desiring for. There can be reasons because of which your investment might not perform up to the mark.

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Reasons because of which investments underperform

There can be times when you might feel that you have planned your investment timely but it could still underperform as per your expectations, the possible reasons for such situations could be:

  • All the costs included makes it excessive costly:

Certain costs are charged in the market during buying and selling, so not studying them properly can charge a hefty amount on you which can make your investment benefit being used for paying all the costs. 

  • Holding cash for a long period:

Cash is a poor long-term investment, sometimes people while trying to beat the market end up holding unnecessary cash, which can decrease the return rate.

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  • Improper decision-making skills:

Another reason which could contribute to the underperformance of any investment is the poor decision-making skills, there can be times when your investment area was good which could yield your expected amount, but because of poor decision-making skills, you end up with underperformed investment.

While investing you must study the market deeply and understand all the risks which might be involved, before investing study the market properly to avoid the risk and get the best yield from it. For more information, please visit –

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