Rising Expectations from the Millennials on Professional Front and how to Cope up

In the wake of cut-throat competition, the only way to grow is by learning and evolving consistently. On the professional front, the skills required, both hard and soft change rapidly and therefore it becomes challenging for the professionals to keep up with the pace. Learning for professional growth is age and generation agnostic and therefore both higher and lower level management should ensure to remain up to date with the current technologies. 

Like it or not, there is no job function where the technology is not involved, often becoming a headache for those who are not from the tech background. More often millennial find themselves in this fix where they have the necessary skill required to grab a job but continuously evolving technology makes it difficult for them to cope up with the younger generation. The best option is to get acquainted with the cross generational technology and participate in the multi-format training. 

Nowadays there are so many options available both online and offline for the professionals to take training and get certification. These certifications only help in making them more employable and give an edge over the others. Now, as per the latest research, the managers also look for the soft skills in a candidate rather than just hiring someone on the basis of number of certifications done. Therefore, someone striving to rise to the managerial position should continuously work on their soft skills as well. While completing a course and getting the certification would take maximum between six months and one year, soft skills could be tricky.

A good employee doesn’t necessarily make a good manager and therefore soft skills should be given as much importance as the professional qualifications. There are so many e-learning courses available for the professionals that can provide them with the necessary skills. 

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