Landmark Financial Tokyo Review

In dealing with investments, you need to know how the stock market, trading, and other investment platforms work. It will take years of studying, researching, and experience to master this area. Not everyone has the luxury of time to spare, so hiring a financial management firm is not a bad idea at all.


You would want your investment to increase its value over time, so you should make Landmark Financial Tokyo review on your assets. The company is an excellent way to start your journey. This company has been in the financial world of investment for decades. Clients from different parts of the world have given them good feedback and reviews because of their world-class performance.

Landmark Financial Japan Service Plans

Getting your hands full from balancing work and family should not hinder you from investing. Having Landmark Financial Tokyo review and help you reach your financial goals. Opening your account with Landmark Financial is free, but there’s a minimum of $5,000 investment- should you decide to start investing with them.

There are three plans that Landmark Financial Japan is offering as of now. Take a look at the services they offer and see where you want to venture your money with:

Plan A

If you are a conservative investor and you want to test the market first, Plan A is perfect for you because of the following advantages:

  • An open contract 
  • Has lots of flexibility 
  • No fee for opening an account
  • No performance fee required
  • No withdrawal fee required 
  • No contract period, you can stop anytime
  • Has two percent management fee per transaction made
  • Hae 0.2 percent commission fee per transaction done

Plan B

This plan is perfect for average investors that want to see their money grow but still with the right amount of flexibility. Here are the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Designed to start charging only when your portfolio starts generating profit and income
  • A one year contract period for a chance to grow your revenue 
  • No management fee required 
  • There’s 0.25 percent commission for every transaction made
  • Another 18 percent performance fee 
  • Has 2 percent withdrawal fee of its net value
  • Subtract management fee and performance fee from the amount of asset

Plan C

The last plan has a little bit of both. You are a risk-taking investor with bigger financial goals. This plan offers you the following: 

  • Lower management fee
  • Lower performance fee
  • Only one percent management fee annually 
  • One year contract duration 
  • 0.25 per commission for every transaction made
  • Ten percent performance fee for every profit A withdrawal away fee of two percent of its net value after they subtract the performance fee and management fee.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect company that can cater to your needs is essential. You have to make sure your investment is in good hands, and with Landmark Financial Tokyo review, you are confident in making the best possible decisions. With years of experience backing them up, you will be sure that your investment will grow more in years to come.


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