Automatic gates: Its components and types

Nowadays, automatic gates are being used in commercial premises as well as homes because they offer extra protection and security. It enables you to guard your properties very easily by just using the switch of a remote. They are available in different sizes, shapes and height like automatic gates that bi-fold are in latest trend and can be seen everywhere like in schools, banks, car parking areas etc. These gates are made up of different types of materials which you can choose from to give a modern or classic to your properties. You can save money if you install an automatic gate in your home because it stays for a long-term.

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Its types

  1. Sliding: These gates are very secure because they have least vulnerable points and rigid structure. The size of this gate is 15m wide which makes it space efficient. These gates are also known as roller gates because they have rollers that run along the ground. These gates are mainly used in organizations. 
  2. Bi-folding gates: These gates are also known as speed gates because they take very less time in opening and closing. In this gate, there are two gate panels and these panels are hinged together. When these gates are activated, the panels are folded back on to themselves and allow to you to access only for a limited time. Therefore, it is best for the place where you can find a lot of continual vehicles traffic, for example in parking areas. If you consider the speed, these gates are highly secure. 
  3. Swing: These gates are hinged at one side and the swing opens and closes like a door. These gates consist of both single and double leaf and have the capability to swing in and out thus they are used in residential areas like stately gates. They are easy to install and are of low cost. You can also add some extra features like electric pulses, barbed wires etc. 

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These gates are mainly of four types:

  1. Balustrade
  2. Palisade
  3. Ornamental 
  4. Welded mesh

4. Telescopic: These gates are similar to sliding gates but they take less space as compared to them. When you will open this gate the individual parts of the gate overlap each other which makes them more secure and it requires a small room outside the premises for operating the gate using various access control systems. You can also install these gates on the ground as well. 

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