Factors to Consider While Picking a Travel Insurance Plan

The holiday season is banging our doors loud. Some airline companies have already cut their prices by a whopping 75% and others are coming up with numerous attractive offers to lure their customers. Owing to these exclusive offers, people have already started booking their flight tickets to their favourite holiday destinations. However, what most people didn’t bother looking into is their travel insurance. The reason is obvious – lack of awareness about travel insurance policies and their several benefits.     

A travel insurance plan is an insurance you buy to cover varied expenses which you may incur during your trip. These include medical expenses, trip cancellation, trip curtailment, lost luggage etc. Costing you just a few thousand bucks, travel insurance ensures your safety as well as the safety of your hard-earned money, in case, something out-of-the-blue happens while you are travelling. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that travel insurance is one of the most ignored policies in India. On the other hand, in countries like the UK and USA, travel insurance is mandatory, owing to its numerous advantages. If you get in touch with an expert on this matter, you will get an idea of how important it is to have travel insurance handy whenever you are travelling. 

Below-mentioned are a few factors which will help you decide the best travel insurance plan for your next trip. Have a look: 

  • Type: Companies offer attractive travel insurance plans for your wide-ranging requirements at competitive rates. These include plans like travel accident, medical evacuation, package travel, annual and specialty etc. You can choose one (or more) among them as per your needs.    
  • Cover Size: In case, you are buying a travel medical insurance, make sure you check the cost of medical services at your travel destination. For instance, if you are travelling to some place in the United States of America, you would require a higher travel cover. On the other hand, if you are travelling to Myanmar or Nepal, you would require a much lower travel cover.        
  • Service and Claims History: When you are looking buying a travel insurance policy, be sure of the credibility of the company offering it. You can go through their website, look for the services they are offering besides travel insurance, and check the testimonials as well as online reviews. Checking for online emergency services, toll-free helplines, claim process etc. will also help you a great deal. Moreover, you can also buy forex online in India from such service providers and save your time and efforts. 
  • Duration: If you are travelling abroad for a month or so, your premium will definitely be higher. Conversely, if you are travelling domestically for a week, the premium will be lower. 
  • Destination: Insurance cover for destinations like the USA, Canada, and the UK is costlier, owing to their high-priced medical services and exclusive expenses.       

One must check all the aforementioned factors while buying a travel insurance cover to avoid any unwanted surprises later.   

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