Truck Accidents Are Typically Caused By Cars

If you’ve ever actually seen an accident between a truck and a car on your local road or highway, you’ll know just how terrifying it can actually be. And most times everyone involved go on to suffer for the rest of their lives.

Not too long ago, the American Trucking Association released a detailed report which included significant evidence that indicates that the majority of crashes which occur involving trucks and cars are mostly due to the fault of the car driver.

The association went on to make claims after they conducted several large-scale studies to gather evidence. These studies were carried out on several agencies including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and others such as the University of Michigan’s research institute focused on transportation and even AAA for traffic safety.

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According to data and further study from Michigan University, as well as the American Trucking Association, the study conducted revolved around roughly 8300 truck-car crashes. This was done to determine the cause or more so fault of these tragic crashes. However, it was determined that a whopping 80% was mainly due to the driver of the car.

Earlier on, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted their own study to find out the cause of some 10000 cases. However, once again the drivers of the cars were seen as responsible for roughly 90% of the cases that were head-on.

Additionally, 91% of car drivers were responsible when it came to accidents involving the opposite direction and a drop to 70% for car drivers who were in rear-end accidents. They also went on to gather enough evidence to state that 77% of car drivers were also responsible for crashes that involved the same direction swipes.

According to another study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, they also came to a whopping number of 6100 crashes or 85% which were once again the fault of car drives. However, they recorded a 4% decrease in the following year.

The President of the trucking association encouraged the Administration as they tried to put measures in place to mitigate this particular issue. And they would also need to develop an Accountability program to deal with the issue of who should be accountable or not.

He also went on to suggest that all accidents produce fatality suffering an injury and they need to be prevented in any way possible. He also went on to indicate that the only way to prevent them is by properly understanding the causes. In some cases, the blame is wrongfully placed since there are instances which cannot be prevented. If you ever suffer an injury from a truck accident wreck, the best plan is talk with a personal injury accident lawyer right away.

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Additionally, there have also been several theories which indicate that road fatalities are soon going to be among the top five leading cause of death by the year 2030 within the United States. And it is also predicted that 70% are going to involve those in cars and trucks. It should also be noted that when we say the word truck, we mean coal trucks, cement trucks, 18-wheelers and others alike.

As we conclude we have just looked at several concluded studies from credible sources that all indicate that car drivers are the ones at fault during a truck and car collision each year. The numbers previously mentioned above have been calculated based on each organizations study for each year. If you’re the driver of either a car or a truck, you should aim to be extra careful and alert during each drive because one moment of carelessness could result in death or even a lifetime of suffering.

If you are in a truck accident or any kind, you probably are best served by contacting a top truck accident attorney that will help you recover the money you are owed.  Truck accident attorneys usually will offer a free consultation and will listen to your case and let you know exactly what you need to do.

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