Fun Party Games for Your Children

Children love parties. The best part about these parties is usually fun games. However, it is quite taxing to find games that suit your children as there are so many options to pick from. Therefore by throwing in a little imagination, you can turn the most classic of party games into fun games that will align with the party. That is the theme, the age group, and the number of children at the party. Here is a list of fun games that you can arrange for your child’s party.

  1. Treasure hunt

This game is an old favorite, and it does well in capturing the children’s imagination, especially preschool children moving upwards. The older your children, the more complex the treasure hunt can be, to make it much more fun. If the children at the party cannot be able to read, you can use picture clues for the game instead. If they can read, you can use color code and therefore give each child a chance to be a ‘reader.’ The children can play this game in teams and proceed to hunt down the treasure and get rewarded for the effort they put in. You can also put rewards at different levels of the treasure hunt such as sweets and toys, to get the children more motivated to work towards the grand prize.

  1. Sleeping Lions

If the children have become very excited during the party and seem to be getting a little out of control, then this is just the right game for the occasion. Your marauding elephants and the party guests should transform into silent, still, adorable slumberers. This game aims at ensuring that all the children remain motionless, even if there is an adult doing rounds. You may walk around and start telling jokes. If any of the sleeping g lions itches, giggles, or wiggles, they are out of the game. You can reward them with a sweet, and continue with the game until there is a winner. This winner will get the grand prize, for instance, a toy.

  1. The agility course

This is a great way to teach children team building and communication skills. The kids can play this game in groups of two teams. Most schools will have an agility course that is pre-painted on the tarmac, but if the party is in another venue, you can get a company which deals with playground decoration to create one. They can make it very colorful and fun for the children. The kids will play the game by first lining up next to each other. Like in a relay, each player will go onto the agility course and hop, skip, run, and jump to the finish line. They should do so one player at a time. The first team to have their player cross the finish line is the winning team. Reward all the children for their effort.

Giving your children the best party with the best party games will leave them with beautiful memories of their childhood as they grow up.

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