The Relationship Between Business and Marketing

The world has fast become a global village with the aid of the internet, the rate is even faster than what the world expected initially. And with this established growth rate, it is quite obvious that there is still more to come. With this, any business hoping to survive must also find a way to take advantage of the relationship between business and marketing, which is made possible with the aid of the internet.

The fact that I was able to realize this quickly gave me an edge over my competitors and helped my business grow at a very fast rate. Marketing is the soul and key to growth of any business. No matter how good a product or service is, without a good marketing plan in place, everything will be rendered useless.

Having realized this and the relationship between business and marketing, I have decided not to allow any entrepreneur start or develop a business without understanding what this is really all about.

Why is business and marketing so inter-related?

The first thing I was able realize was that the world has changed and and for any business idea to survive, it has to adopt the new ways of the business world. Understanding this prompt me into looking for a way to step up my business and that led my to the Holy grail which is marketing.

Marketing is the only way business are able to take their products and services to a target customer to aid sales. Without marketing, goods and services will remain where they are produced without a way to further take it out the outside. Moreover, with the introduction of social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and many more, marketing has become quite easy and more efficient.

What are the benefits of marketing in business?

While trying to understand the relationship between business and marketing, I was able to realize the benefits of marketing in business. Despite the effectiveness of marketing, quite a number of people still not aware of this benefits. To create an eye-opener, I have created a list of the benefits of marketing in business.

  • Marketing Increases the conversion rate of business – The main objective of having a business is to gain some financial benefits. And the best part of it all is that marketing help with conversion rate compared to businesses without marketing plans.
  • Help build brand awareness – In business, having a good brand have a major role to play because customers often consider the brand name of a product before buying. With a good marketing strategy in place, a business can build a solid brand awareness within a short period of time.
  • Marketing aid better understanding of the market – With marketing, a business will be able to know where more and less effort is needed to enhance productivity.

Knowing how business and marketing are related has help my business in diverse ways and I believe it can help other businesses out there as well. 


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