Different types of online trading and their benefits

Online trading has seen a tremendous rise in recent years due to advancements in internet technology. Online trading is basically buying and selling online with the help of web portals specifically designed for the exchange online. One such platform on which you can rely is plus500. 76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money. A trader with a Plus500 account can trade CFDs on underlying financial instruments such as Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Options and Indices. (People must understand that Plus500 only offers CFD trading) You can easily download it to your device and start trading. The site also allows the facility of demo account using which the novice traders can practice trading. For trading with real money, you can start by uploading 100€ or an equivalent sum in different countries. You also get the facility of round the clock assistance via live chat so that you can easily get your queries resolved and trade.

Illustrative prices
Illustrative prices

Mentioned below are some of the prominent forms of online trading

  • Day trading

It is one of the most popular forms of online trading. Day trading is a type of short term strategy, under which you buy and sell the investments on a single day. Generally, it is more common among professional traders but due to recent technological advancements there has been emergence of a variety of different online trading websites. Due to this more and more people have got into this trading.


  • Plus500 platform is suitable for experienced traders. But, on the other hand, beginners can trade on our free demo account to practice and test strategies.
  • This type of trading can allow you to make huge gains in a very short amount of time as well as there is a possibility that you can lose your capital..
  • This a stepping stone in the field of investments and will make you better prepared for large scale investments in the future.

Illustrative prices
Illustrative prices
  • Swing trading

Swing trading is done by some of the most experienced traders due to the heavy risk involved in it. Under this type of online trading, a trader generally predicts ups and downs in the cost of the security with the help of extensive research and personal experiences and buys it when it’s at its lowest point. Then securities are held for a day or two and then sold whenever their prices go high.


  • This is a short term trading.
  • Highest profit expectancy as compared to the other two.
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