Making the most of your internship

Internships are extremely valuable for university students to build on their knowledge gained in the classroom and apply their skills to a real-world client. 

Here are some hot tips to leaving a lasting impression: 


  • Punctuality.
    Being on time is a critical success factor in the professional realm. Make sure you show up on time (and even early!) to the office and meetings as well as complete tasks by the assigned deadlines. 
  • Take on work and always follow through.
    It is always good to show you are eager, and by taking the initiative of supporting your new team with their projects. However, if you feel you can’t execute the work in the given deadline, communicate this clearly with your supervisor and show them the steps you are taking towards completing the tasks. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
    The mentors are there to teach you, so don’t feel like you need to know everything going into the internship. 
  • Learn from mistakes.
    In the beginning, it can be difficult to realise that constructive criticism is good – do not take it personally. See it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve on your skills for future assignments and when you enter the workforce. 
  • Network.
    Think of your time in business not only as a time to perfect your industry skills, but as a way to make relevant professional contacts. When you are ready to find a job, your connections in the industry are extremely valuable to leverage you into your first role. Adding people on LinkedIn is a good way to start!
  • Create a portfolio.
    Gather all of the work you have done for the organisation into a file which you can refer to once you have finished. This creates concrete evidence of your time with the business as well as showcasing future employers your strengths and skills. 


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