Virtual Insights – What You Need From A Virtual Office In Hong Kong

Modern businesses need to be flexible and adaptable to survive. Whether you are selling products and services locally or internationally, the digital age has opened up new opportunities for cost minimising and streamlining your operational processes. For many businesses nowadays, there is no need to invest in your own brick-and-mortar office space if your work can be done from anywhere.

In Hong Kong, the cost of renting office space can be a huge barrier to entry into this lucrative marketplace. Utilising a virtual office space is a great way to get around these inflated costs while keeping your business flexible. However, there are some important points to consider before making the choice as to which virtual office space is best for your needs. It’s wise to do some research and maybe even a virtual office comparison of different service providers.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need from a virtual office in Hong Kong.

Top Of The Range Telecommunications

Premium virtual office spaces in Hong Kong offer telecommunications service and support that can benefit your business in many ways. While the digital age has provided us with the convenience of email and texting, a lot of business is still done over the phone. You might be in the habit of providing your mobile number to your clients but you may also have noticed that they are hesitant to leave voicemail messages or to call back if the line is busy.

With a premium virtual office provider, you will receive a local landline phone number that will be answered in your business name by a professional bilingual receptionist. Important calls can then be forwarded or redirected to you at your discretion, meaning you never miss an important business lead. Premium service providers also offer international number portability. This is especially important for those who are taking advantage of the many new business opportunities emerging in Hong Kong.

Access To A Team Of Support Staff

Premium virtual office services come with a team of highly trained secretarial staff and in-house IT support at your disposal. This makes it easy to keep your systems up and running under any circumstances. With high-speed wifi, you will also be sure of fast and reliable internet access. You should be getting the most out of your virtual office provider so do not settle for slow or unsecured connections.

The Importance Of A Prestigious Address

Having an address that no one has ever heard of on your business materials can demonstrate that your company is a small player in your industry. On the other hand, having a prestigious Hong Kong address in Central or Kowloon to call your own can indicate to your clients that you need to be taken seriously. By utilising virtual office space, you can leverage the use of a prominent address while avoiding the prohibitive rental costs of actually buying or leasing office space in those areas.

In many cases, potential customers and clients are much more comfortable with a new supplier if have an address nearby, or at least in the same city. Using virtual office space strategically in this way can reassure new potential clients that you are based in their geographic area. This demonstration of commitment can go a long way towards solidifying new relationships and securing new leads.

Weigh Your Options

Hong Kong has recently been declared the fourth most expensive city in the world for expats. With this state of affairs, you want to ensure that you are getting the most value for your money. Consider the needs of your business and make an informed decision before choosing a virtual office space in Hong Kong.






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