Global Markets 2019 Review

  • Global Markets—A Newcomer with a Fresh Perspective

Global Markets is a Forex & CFDs trader that offers a wide variety of versatile investment products, including commodities, indices, and shares. The platform was founded in 2019 and is based in the Seychelles, with offices in Europe. Global Markets is licensed to operate in most countries of the European Union, including the UK, Germanic and Nordic countries, among others, as well as New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Mexico and Malaysia.

Is Global Markets scam, or is the platform safe? Does it offer a free demo account? Are there any hidden fees when depositing or withdrawing money from your account? This review will look into answering all those questions, and more.

You must never invest more money than you are willing to lose. Global Markets is a multi-asset platform with a focus on CFDs. It is important to remember CFDs are complex instruments with an inherent high risk of rapid capital losses due to leverage. 

Before you engage in trading with CFDs it is important to understand how such instruments operate, and to carefully consider your goals and risk threshold. Make sure you check out Global Markets’ academy – designed to teach you the basics of those instruments and the most important investment concepts you should be aware of. 

  • 5 Things You Should Know about Global Markets

Before we start with our review, here’s a basic overview of the platform:

  • Global Markets was launched in 2019 and aims to bring a fresh perspective into the Forex trading space;
  • The broker offers a variety of CFD options, including a list of the most popular commodities;
  • Global Markets allows traders to open a demo account and practice their investment strategies—as well as get a taste of the platform’s functionality and ease of use;
  • It offers services to traders to a number of countries—including most of Europe, South-East Asia, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand;
  • Global Markets is fully regulated legit trading platform, registered in the Seychelles;

  • Is it a Scam? Global Markets Trust Level

Is Global Markets a scam, or a proven trading platform you can trust? Are there any safety issues or common complaints you should be aware of? We took a closer look at Global Markets to find out the answer to these questions.

Although as a relative newcomer to the trading industry the platform is yet to fully prove itself, Global Markets is a 100% legit and regulated broker you can trust. The platform is based in the Seychelles and regulated by the securities exchange commission of the island nation. 

  • Protection of Funds

Global Markets operates in over 13 countries and the amount of regulatory protection you receive is defined by the jurisdiction under which you create your account. 

The platform also employs Negative Balance Protection—a precautionary measure that brokerage firms take to protect their clients’ funds.  The policy prevents traders from losing more capital than they have deposited into their account. Negative balance protection policy ensures that traders won’t owe money to the firm because of a bad trading decision.

  • Account Security

If you wish to activate additional protection on your account, you could enable the optional two-factor authenticator. 

  • Investment Products

Although Global Markets’ focuses primarily on Forex options, the platform allows investors to trade with commodities, real stocks, and indices. 

Investment Product Available Options
Commodities Crude Oil, Aluminum, Silver, Gold, Cotton
Stocks Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Uber
Indices NSDQ, DOW, SP500, DAX, FTSE

  • Platform & Interface

Global Markets is available both on desktop web and mobile. The platform has been designed with ease of use in mind, and is intuitive to both veteran and experienced traders alike.

  • User Interface

The website platform of Global Markets stands out with clean design that is easy to navigate. The platform offers extensive functionality and all the tools a successful trader would need in order to make informed decisions, but none of the clutter. All the menus and hyperlinks are properly labeled and positioned.

  • Mobile Platform

In addition to the desktop web platform, Global Markets is available on both Android & iOS through the official app. The app brings all the functionalities of the website platform to your mobile device. The implementation brings nothing revolutionary to the table, however that is not necessarily a bad thing. The traditional layout of the mobile app makes migrating from another trading platform easy, as every interface element is exactly where you would expect it to be. 

  • Deposits & Withdrawals

  • Currencies

Global Markets accounts can only be opened in United States Dollars, Euro, or Great British Pounds. Whenever you deposit to your account on the platform, your funds will be converted to the currency of your account.

An easy way to circumvent any currency exchange fees is to open a multi-currency bank account. Banking products such as Trasferwise or Revolut both offer accounts in several currencies with low-cost or free international bank transfers. 

  • Deposit Options 

There are no fees or minimum amount when depositing funds into your Global Markets account. As with most trading platforms, the broker offers the most popular depositing options:

  • Credit/Debit card
  • Wire transfer
  • Paypall
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Bank transfer takes 3-5 business days. Credit/debit card and electronic wallet deposit are instant, but there is a $20,000 and $10,000 maximum on the funding respectively.

All deposits must be done from sources on your name. Credit and debit cards, as well as e-wallet option deposits are instantaneous. Bank transfers take 3-5 business days. There are no upper limits to deposing funds in your Global Markets account.

  • Withdrawals

All withdrawals from your trading account are made in the same currency as your account, and to the same source from which your funds were originally deposited—bank account, credit or debit card, or online wallet of your choice. Withdrawal requests are processed within 7 business days. All withdrawal requests require you to submit copies of your bank statement and ID document.

  • Account Jurisdictions & Types

You can open a Global Markets account in most European countries, and some of the most popular Forex markets worldwide. However, Global Markets is not authorized to operate within the United States. Here is a list of all countries in which you can open a trading account on the platform:

  • Europe:

      • The United Kingdom & Ireland
      • Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands)
      • Nordics (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark)
      • Eastern Europe & Balkans (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Romania)
      • Southern Europe (Malta, Portugal, Spain)

  • Rest of the World: 

    • Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong
    • Australia and New Zealand
    • Japan and Mexico

Global Markets accounts are divided into four tiers, in addition to a demo account. The four levels—Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum—differ mostly in the tools provided to investors, but some of the investment options are available only to higher-tier accounts. All accounts have access to 24/7 customer service, and 1×1 training sessions.

Account Level: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Trade Size 0.01 0.1 0.2 0.5
World Indices $15 per lot $13 per lot $11 per lot $9 per lot
Equities US & Asia $14 per lot $13 per lot $11 per lot $9 per lot
Agriculture Commodities No Yes Yes Yes

  • Demo Account

If you want to practice your trading strategies, Global Markets offers you a demo account with real market conditions. Open a demo account today—sharpen your investment skills and participate in the genuine Global Markets investment experience.

  • Account Opening

Opening an account with Global Markets is fully digital and it takes up to one day for your account to be verified and fully registered.  

As with most brokers, Global Markets require you to verify your identity in accordance to the International Anti-Money Laundering laws, and the KYC policies of the European Union, where the broker operates. Account verification is easy and involves the provision of Proof of Identity (an ID card or Driver’s License), Proof of Residence (Bank statement or utility bill), and Proof of Payment (image of your credit or debit card, with the first 12 digits hidden).

  • Final Conclusion – Global Markets are a Legible Trading Platform

Global Markets is a new and promising broker in the Forex & CFDs trading space. The platform is yet to fully prove its full potential, but it impresses with account security and ease of use. If you are looking for an entry-level investment platform that provides you with all the necessary tools to learn, or are a veteran trader looking to expand, Global Markets is a broker you have to check out.


In regards to safety, Global Markets is a legit trading platform that takes all the necessary precautions to protect client funds. They are licensed to operate in most countries of the European Union, as well as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, but offer no services in the United States.

The broker offers a range of investment products, including commodities and indices, which should all be part of the portfolio of any respectable investor. Global Markets is designed to target more serious investors but is welcoming to inexperienced traders as well, offering 1×1 sessions, a range of learning tools, and a demo account which allows traders to practice their investment skills. 

While the mobile app doesn’t impress with anything outstanding, it is elegant and easy to use. Investors experienced with other trading platforms would find it easy to adopt Global Markets’ interface, both on mobile and desktop web.

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