Final fantasy XIV is a universe on its own

You might have heard that every game dies after a few years when their stories are completed by gamers. But final fantasy XIV has proven that this statement isn’t truth, with regular expansion pack like the recent Shadowbringer expansion pack which takes you to a new story where the warrior of light has been taken by the shadow of the dark side. 

Why is final fantasy so popular?

This game has been introducing new story line characters and fights with new expansion packs which makes up for an immersive gameplay where players feel connected with the protagonists and get to live his experience, which is what gamers really want. Generally, gamers buy a game, finish it and then it is stored away only to be played occasionally. But final fantasy XIV has shown its commitment towards providing gamers a sense of satisfaction as these expansion packs allows the gamer to start a new chapter in the game which makes them hooked to the game for a longer duration.

Level of difficulty

Although final fantasy series has been famous for being tough to progress in game, websites like gamereasy provide leveling up easily in exchange of money. Such websites also provide FFxiv Gills i.e. the in game currency of the game which can be used to buy cosmetics in game. As final fantasy offers a lot of customizations people often like to invest money in their character so that it feels a bit more personalized which is the part of the whole immersive experience.


The game is available on PC and console which also has increased its fan base as cross platform multiplayer feature is also there, which helps people to play with friends in a vast universe with stunning game physics, graphics and intensive fight scenes that are good enough to make your jaws drop in amazement.

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