Currency exchange is a huge hassle 

Currency exchange is a huge issue. Whenever you go to any service for currency exchange, you face many problems. The service might not be offering you a good exchange rate, the rules and regulations might be complex, or the service might not be available 24/7. So, you have to find that one best service through which you will be able to send and receive international payments without any hassle. So, for this reason, Forexpat was created.

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Contact the services that provide the best exchange rates

Forexpat was created with the sole goal to help you out by providing a free service through which you will be able to send and receive international payments smoothly, at any time. You just have to register yourself and create a free account. The entire process is 100% secure, and FCA regulated just to make sure that you are being offered with the right service.

The popularity of Forexpat is not hidden from anyone as Forexpat is featured in the Odyssey magazine. The business services offered by Forexpat are incredible too. So, you will always receive a more competitive currency exchange rate from the business currency experts of Forexpat as compared to the banks. 

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Banks are looting people with their exchange rates 

Many banks charge some amount or an extortionate flat fee for processing a foreign transfer. However, through Forexpat, you can save a lot of money as there is no fee involved. 

A few times, it also happens that you might be charged with an international transfer fee. Subsequently, Forexpat will be able to reduce the amount, thus making you save a lot of money. In this manner, your business will be boosted. So much help would be provided to your business by Forexpat so that it can grow easily. 

Simple currency transfers

Now you would be able to make multiple currency payments in a hassle-free way. The recordkeeping of every transaction will also be maintained effectively. Forexpat makes it simpler to transfer currency abroad. Especially when compared to banks, it will help you save a good amount of money.

If you need to make regular payments, Forexpat will help you and will provide a fixed rate for monthly transfers up to one year in advance. You can also opt for same day rates for the regular transfers. 

Best customer service 

Forexpat takes care of its customers in the best way. They maintain relationships with their clientele and ensure that whatever the need is must be fulfilled in any case. The exchange rates will always astonish it as the rates are extremely comprehensive when compared to what banks are offering.

Maintain personal or business account

For your account, you will be able to get in touch with a dedicated manager who will guide you about the entire process. If there is a one-off payment or regular transfers, Forexpat will be your partner.

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The bank beating exchange rates and the easy policies are the best when it comes to the main features of Forexpat.

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