Most Expensive Search Keywords Over $100

Google is the one of the most prominent and powerful companies in the world.  A lot of projects from Google are considered as pioneer in their respective fields. Google offers a lot of innovative and amazing products but have you ever wondered how Google earns billions of dollars every year when most of their services are totally free. Billions of searches are carried out every day without even paying a single dime.

The secret to Google’s success lies in its advertisement. When you search for anything on Google you can see that Google also shows you certain advertisements related to the thing you searched for. This is because of the keywords. Keywords are very effective when it comes to generating revenue for Google. Google earns almost 97% of their revenue from pay per click advertising.

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How Is the Worth of Keywords Determined?

Some keywords are more effective than the others which also affect their cost. If a large number of people search for a certain keyword then that respective keyword becomes comparatively more expensive. Using such a keyword can help you rank better in Google results.

How Much Does Google Earn From Keywords

When it comes to earning money through advertisement Google can get up to $50 on the use of a certain keyword. In addition to that there are many keywords that cost even more than $100.

As these keywords are expensive, they are mostly used by businesses. Businesses have the financial capability and power to invest in using such high priced keywords. It is however a good investment as keywords can always help you earn a lot of revenue.

Most Expensive Keywords by Industry

A study has shown that keywords from certain categories are generally more expensive than others. The study concluded that keyword related to the field of law is most expensive where as keywords related to bushiness services rank at a very low spot. The industries for the most expensive keywords are given below in a sequence. I.e. field of law, water damage, insurance, drugs and alcohol, online education and business services. .

The Most Expensive Keyword

According to a study the most expensive keywords in Google relate to the legal arena. Nine out of ten of the most expensive keywords pertain to the field of law.

San Antonio car wreck attorney is the most costly keyword in Google. It costs around $670.44. This means that Google get $670.55 by just getting a single click on the advertisements with the above mentioned keyword. It should be noted that Google gets paid for the clicks not for an end transaction.

The Most Location Sensitive Expensive Keywords

Certain locations are relatively more sensitive to certain keywords. The most regular and the most targeted locations in the United States for keywords are state of Colorado, California, Florida and Texas.


Google is one of the most successful companies in the world. Its main source of revenue is its pay per click advertisements that are shown to the visitors every time they search for anything similar on the internet.

Some keywords cost more than others based on the number of times these keywords are used in the online arena. You should have certain unique keywords that make you rank better in Google search results. The quantity of keyword used in the content affects the price of the keyword.

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