A Brief Guide About Wireless IP Camera System

IP camera systems or camera system that run via an Internet Protocol network are far more efficient than standard CCTV surveillance systems. A typical wireless IP camera system uses the internet as its source of transmitting video, audio and still images to the screens of mobile devices of a user.

These systems are far more superior to their predecessors in terms of storage since they use cloud computing techniques to store data.

You can easily keep an eye at your office or home remotely

IP camera systems are ideal for both commercial and personal use. Whether you want to keep an eye on your child or simply on your employees, if you invest in an IP camera system, you can seamlessly do so from the comfort of your desk at the office or when you are on the move.

The best part about IP camera systems is that these creative surveillance security systems, although transmits data via the internet, the video or audio stream will be in real time.

Investing in a wireless internet camera surveillance system is your best bet since you obviously don’t want your nanny or your employees to know that they are under surveillance. On top of that, wireless IP camera systems are easier to maintain and repair in the long run as well.

What is the difference between a standard surveillance system and a PTZ IP surveillance system?

Before you read the answer to this question, it would be best if you first understand the meaning of the abbreviation PTZ. PTZ is the acronym that is commonly used for surveillance systems with camera units that can be panned, tilted and has either digital zoom ability or has optical zoom ability.

Surveillance systems that come with PTZ camera units are far more efficient when it comes to the safety and security of a place. Each camera unit can be controlled individually and that too by multiple authorized users.

Standard webcam security cameras have units that have fixed focus whereas PTZ camera unit enabled IP surveillance systems allows authorized users to change the field of view of each camera unit as per their preference.

The image capturing technology used by IP cameras are the same as that of a typical digital camera. The difference lies in the way the captured data is compressed, stored and sent over the internet. If the building on which the IP camera system is installed has its own internet network, it is safe to say that the minimal infrastructure an IP surveillance system needs is already at the place!

Addition of camera units is a way to easy when one is using a wireless IP security camera system

Since the system is wireless, it means each camera unit is independent of the other. On top of that, each camera unit is recording, transmitting and storing data on a decentralized network (the cloud).

The result is simple to understand, maintenance, repair as well as the addition of camera units is easy as it can get when one is using an IP security camera system.

On top of that, one doesn’t need to turn the system off for maintenance purposes. This is indicative that when it comes to security and ease of use, wireless IP camera systems are far better than their wired counterparts.

Be very sure that you are consulting with a professional company that deals with the sales, servicing, and installation of surveillance camera systems for best results. Sit with them and lay down all your requirements. In this way, you will be getting customized solutions that will suit your needs in the long run.

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