UL/CSA & MIL-SPEC Cable Manufacturer and Distributor

Industry Leader Since 1981

Sycor Technology has been providing various types of organizations with top-of-the-line cables and wires since its founding in 1981. This Canadian company, which is based in Mississauga, Ontario, serves an international market in addition to providing quality products to those based in its own country. Its focal point is its 40,000-square foot warehouse, which is where its products originate.

Mil-Spec Cables

Those at Sycor understand all of the requirements that go into being a mil-spec cable manufacturer and ensure that those are met before any of the products requiring mil-spec requirements leave the warehouse. In fact, Sycor has worked with government agencies and defense contractors for some time, and those types of organizations continue to regularly consult Sycor for their cabling needs.

Delivery Process

Many of Sycor’s customers place 12-month blanket orders as doing so not only takes care of all of their annual requirements but also results in Sycor holding the necessary materials itself and having them ready to go out within one business day when expedited delivery is requested. Keeping those items under Sycor’s care is of significant benefit to those companies that suffer from minimal storage space.

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