The Four Ways Users Can Tell Whether Their SEO Company Is Doing A Great Job Or Not

Site owners often time want to know whether their SEO company is doing a great job. They want to know whether or not they have made the right choice. There are four tell-tales signs listed below for site owners that want to make better choices.

1) Communication

“It is all about communication.”

Some companies will expect communication from their client’s side, but not do anything on their end. That is what is called a “one-sided deal.” Anything can be written down in an agreement, but it is up to both parties to “put their money where their mouth is.”

What about updates? What about their contacts they say they have? When did they say they will be in touch about a project?

Site owners should have these details worked out before they agree to hire the firm. Pay attention to how the company behaves during pre-negotiations. Does the person uphold their part of the plan during the process? How they act during pre-negotiations and negotiations will give a good indication as to how they will be after the papers are signed.

2) Time To Report the Findings, Sir

Reporting is a big part of the process. Companies need to know where they stand in the analytics and the algorithms. The firm could be one of the most well-respected firms in the area, but there could be problems when they do not deliver the goods as promised.

“Rise and report.”

Prince Humperdink The Princess Bride, 1987

Reports should be as detailed as possible. The site owner also has to interpret the report and its findings in a way that is easily understood by everyone. Not everyone speaks “geek.” Not everyone speaks English.

The firm cannot just hand over the report and walk away. There have to be follow-up meetings about what is in the report. The firm has to communicate about how they drew the conclusions they found in the report. A good firm will also explain anything that is not so easily understood.

Companies who leave the report and go are not that invested in the client they help.

3) Supply and Demand

There is an old saying, “the supply has to meet the demand.” There is no way a company will succeed when they cannot unload their supply. They know the demand is not there and are now stuck with a supply they cannot give away for free.

It is a common problem that some sites have.

Here is the thing: There is no way Rome was built in a day. It took time. That is something site owners need to give themselves. Site owners need to know how much traffic they have and where it is coming from. They also need to know whether or not their current traffic is interested in their products.

Sites who do not offer products based on their client’s needs fall victim to having too much supply and not enough demand.

4) How High Can You Go?

Relevancy is a big part of how a site ranks. The quality has to be there for there to be an interest. Sites are also not going to succeed when they pay for their traffic. It is similar to how someone pays for their Instagram followers. Paying for fans is not going to work. Clients have to be won organically, through blood, sweat, and tears, for it to count.

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