How to Pick the Right Tiles For Each Area of Your Home

Most people do not give much thought to flooring especially those who bought or rent already finished houses. This is because they found that everything had been done for them and it does not really matter what types or sizes of tiles were used. However, it is god to note that a lot goes into the process of choosing the right tiles for every part of the house. Encaustic tiles are examples of tiles that are very diverse in terms of designs, color and texture. That means for you to get the flooring right, then you will need to keenly consider every part of your house. Know the color, size and texture of tiles that will suit each area. At the end of the flooring process, the house should have a harmonized look even after using different types of tiles on each area. To achieve this, below is a guideline on how to pick the right tiles for each area of your house:

Have a Clear Picture of the Area

Before you buy tiles for a particular area, you need to first have a mental and if possible a real picture of the place. A picture in this case refers to the finest details of size, shape and even the activities that happen in that area. This is the only way to ensure that you do not buy tiles meant for the bathroom to use them in the sitting room. Also, determine whether you will need tiles on both the wall and the floor since this will call for matching sizes. Another determinant will be the kind of foot traffic that an area experiences. For instance, the kitchen is a busy place where people are always walking in and out and therefore you will need tiles whose hardness can withstand the intense traffic.

Understand the Varieties

Making a good or a bad choice depends on how much or less you are informed about your options. To avoid missing out on the best, get adequate information on the available varieties.

Tile Selection

There are variety of tiles to choose from and if you ae not careful you can easily get mixed up. Some are made from porous materials while other are made from nonporous materials. They also come in different designs, colors and densities. Depending on the specific area you would like to fix your tiles, then you will need to choose the most suitable type. Get to understand the differences that exist between the various types and know which types can comfortably be used together.

Again, ensure that you get a batch that has tiles of the same size to avoid trouble during installation. Confirm all the important details before buying your tiles so that you do not make any mistakes. Sometimes engaging an expert in the selection stage will save you unnecessary trouble. You will be able to get the correct sizes, color, texture and material of the tiles you need.

Do Your Math Well

After establishing the size and other specific details of the area in question, then do a calculation of the amount of tiles needed. This is necessary so that you do not end up buying way more or less than you need. If you buy too much, you may end up wasting the extras especially if they are not suitable for any other area in the house. Again, if you buy too little, you will need to add later and sometimes you are not able to get the exact color, texture and design. In this you will be required to know the size of that particular area and also understand the tile sizes. This way you are able to do accurate calculations and make allowances for breakage and other eventualities. If you are not sure of your abilities to do this, seek help from an expert.

  1. Instruments and supplies

Make a list of the tools and supplies that you require, including the tile cement and grout.

Affirm the nature of the groundwork, cement, grout and added substances, particularly if it’s a wet or outside establishment as the wrong materials can make the establishment fizzle. Give Kajaria a chance to help you install the best tiles in the market.


Tiles are considered to be an investment for easy maintenance and hygienic living. Make your choice with care.

It’s important to pick a tile which can stand the day to day wear and tear of your household. Make a point to pick a tile that is particularly designed for that specific area.

Picking tiles solely on the basis of appearance can have some heartbreaking outcomes over the long period of time.

You have to approach this choice sensibly and factor in the “where” and “what for” of tile installation before you begin seeing design plans and surfaces. It’s the best counsel anybody’s regularly going to give you: don’t hurry into any choice.

Once you’ve made sense of the coordination (tile design and area), whatever is left of the criteria will become much simpler. Check out Kajaria’s tile portfolio to understand which tile will suit your house in the best way possible.

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