This is Why You Should Invest in a Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt is a compact hybrid plug in masterpiece that is all electric as well as hybrid. Its amazing range when only running on electric power and its traditional appeal and driving experience makes it exceptional among the rest of the electric vehicle department. Purchasers seek an electric vehicle must look no further.

We have listed the reasons for the same.

  1. Gas engine backup

Many EVs available in the market are either all electric with limited range or are hybrids that make the use of the electric motor for highway cruising or for extra power and a gas mileage boost. On the contrary, Chevy Volt can be mainly used as an electric only car with a gasoline engine as a backup for extending the range of the car when going for longer trips or an emergency. This bestows both utility as well as versatility. Note that if you are preferring to invest in Volt or any other car, ensure to get well acquainted on Arizona sales tax on cars so as to avoid any surprising costs while purchasing.

  1. All electric range

The Chevy Volt can range up to 53 miles solely on the battery power without using the gasoline engine. For many drivers, that can be used for commuting to and fro from work. It is higher than the EV ranges than other hotshot electric and hybrid cars, rendering it a plausible choice.

  1. Amazing driving experience

The Chevy Volt drives and manages very much like a normal car. It doesn’t even feel unresponsive or sluggish to drive and is fully equipped with vigorous acceleration and good handling. Additionally, the shifts between the hybrid and all electric mode are quite seamless, so you won’t even think of it as a hybrid ride while driving.

  1. Excellent economy

No matter if it is in electric mode or hybrid mode, Volt is deemed an efficient car. Its electric mode is equipped with 106 miles per gallon and the engine assisted hybrid mode comes with a combined rating of 42 miles per gallon.

  1. Traditional styling

Some drivers believe that having a conventional styling is a con for a vehicle, but nowadays most hybrids are embracing the conventional styling is no different. The body of Volt comes with normal body, but it is attractive enough without being a statement piece.

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