Financially Savvy People Use Quickbooks After Tax Season

Quickbooks is more than just a way to track tax records. Financially savvy people use Quickbooks long after their tax refunds are spent. In fact, they use Quickbooks as a way to track daily spending.

Quickbooks was created as an accounting system for everyone from erstwhile big spender teens to financially cautious seniors on fixed incomes. It is the best way to know where money is and how it is spentis used.

User Friendly Financial Tracking

Quickbooks does much more than input financial data. It allows a full scope of income, spending and disbursements. Today’s Quickbooks is a user friendly way of “keeping the books”for home or business use.

In business, Quickbooks creates and tracks incoming and outgoing invoices as well as maintaining inventory control, sales, bank deposits and withdrawals, payroll and the all important sales and use tax tracking.

For example, engineering businesses use Quickbooks Inventory Control module to calculate the cost of supplies and mechanical parts purchased for projects. It is also easy to create parts packages and sets that are part of regular project use.

In legal firms, the job of per diem client rates is less time and labor intensive with Quickbooks. Legal accountants know at a glance each client’s account status.

Sales and marketing staff have easy access to potential, current and former customers contact information and the dollar value of sales attributable to each customer.

For home use after tax season, take the time to look at the version of Quickbooks you purchased. Quickbooks’ apps have made tracking investments and investment portfolios ready at a glance.

For those who need to convert, consider outsourcing to a professional conversion service like QBO Hero to take the worry out of converting Quickbooks desktop to Quickbooks online.

Introduce your teens early on to Quickbooks so they learn accounting and bookkeeping are not fearsome subjects to avoid. Most teens find they pick up the logic of Quickbooks quickly and actually enjoy using the software.

The Quickbooks app that allows individuals to turn mobile phone into a retail scanner is especially handy for shoppers.

For business owners, this app also scans debit and credit card receipts. With scanner capability, it will track and organize expenses, received debit and credit card payments and sends invoices for billing purposes.


Whenever an individual needs a comprehensive accounting system, Quickbooks is a quick study and ready to use.

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