How Video Conferencing Helps Students

Video Conferencing has gained weight in the corporate world as well as education. Video Conference helps students feel closer to the person teaching or even doing a titbit of practical in their chosen areas. Visuals always appeal more to student’s intuition and sense than theory.

But you might ask in what ways does it help students?

·      Overcoming Concentration Obstacles

Distraction can cause the feeling of lost play in the classroom (or in any interaction with students), even more so in the world full of our children’s screens. That’s why teachers should find students where they really are – 70% of children under age 12 use tablets and nearly 40% of them start using smartphones even before kindergarten (US research data).

When children enter a classroom and encounter mobile devices, they are not only comfortable with technology but also excited about innovation. Any teacher knows when children are enthusiastic, comfortable, and engaging in learning. Learning about the environment with a finger swipe on the screen is a real hand in the wheel, making abstract ideas tangible and accessible.

  • Engaging Visually With Video

We all heard about people who are easier to learn visually, but did you know that visual information is easier to retain by all students?

 In a learning environment where 100% of the curriculum is important for maximizing a child’s education, teachers should be able to take the findings of this research into the classroom.

Videoconferencing and access to online video can greatly improve lesson plans, even the most traditional and established. Through easy video conferencing, students from around the world can take a virtual tour of any project or structure.

Imagine students learning about the culture of other students of their own age, living this every day. By leveraging the visual learning skills of our students, we can leave the classroom and improve the learning itself.

·      Collaboration Beyond Limits

At least in countries where education is truly valued, as our world evolves, so does the profession of teaching and its importance.

It is essential for students and teachers that we give these educators the tools to seek the most current information for their students, as well as connect them with exponents in the fields they teach. Taking advantage of the tools of digital collaboration like eztalks meet pro is a way to provide teachers with the search for expertise, as well as the knowledge already acquired.

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