The Role of Big Businesses in How We Consume Cannabis

In light of the legalization of hempthrough the passage of the Farm Bill into law, it appears that big names in the industry are jumping towards the opportunity to enter the cannabis market. Having been signed into law by President Donald Trump, it is now considered legal to manufacture, distribute, and sell CBD hemp oil(derived from Hemp) in the business in any state within the country.

According to The Guardian, the cannabis market is slated to reach $500 billion to $1 trillion in just a number of years. With medical marijuana and CBD oil for pain relief taking center stage in just the past year, there is no doubt that these numbers could very well be within horizon in just a short span of time. Companies who are looking to permeate the market are now partnering up with big names in the scene, very much like what Canada’s Canopy Growth did with its partnership with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.

More than getting their brands and companies known, it seems that the goal of cannabis entrepreneurs includes changing society’s perception of this herb and what it can do. With numerous awareness campaigns with celebrities and big-shot names, the numerous benefits of CBD oil for chronic back pain and other diseases are finally being given the spotlight.

Pro-Weed Businesses

The Guardian also notes that companies like Altria, makers of Marlboro cigarettes, as well as ABInBev, which owns Budweiser, are now exploring weed-infused products as part of their offerings. These very patrons who already have a name in the industry show that green is definitely in.In hindsight, one can say that these initiatives stem from the consumers’ desire not only to normalize marijuana in societybut also for other individuals to see the benefits this brings to a variety of areas outside the medical field.

Ethical Consumerism

The consumerist movement and the constant demand for cannabis in the market have been pushing the economies of scale to thrive. Even beauty brands are taking part in this movement, releasing lines of cannabis-infused cleansers, serums, and what not.

One of the best ways to practice ethical consumption in this age is to look at how products are manufactured and sold. Doing so allows consumers to dig deeper not only about the hiring and production practices observed by a company, but it also moves customers to think critically and get involved politically.

At the end of the day, you also have a say about the cannabis products you buy. If you are willing to make a change and call attention to the health benefits of hemp oil, you can move others to become more informed consumers as well.

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