The Use of Freeze Drying in the Production and Shipping of Nutraceuticals

One use of a commercial freeze dryer is to save and storenutraceuticals. Nutraceuticalsare nutrients that are taken from plants and food that provide specific benefits for people.  The freeze drying process allows the foods or plants to be stabilized, concentrated, or last longer.  The process also allows the chemical structure to be retained without weakening or altering the product—something that may not be retained in other forms of storage.

A commercial freeze dryer allows the product, such as aloe Vera, Echinacea, tea, or other natural products to be gently frozen, then have the water extracted through a high pressure vacuum system.  This complicated process allows the substance that is being frozen to keep its chemical structure while preserving it.  This allows for a longer shelf-life, and greater versatility in storing and shipping these products.  Sometimes the products are used in their dried form and sometimes water is added.

The process of freeze drying can allow liquids to be saved by turning them into a powder which allows the nutrients or other values in the compound to be retained.  Even the flavor of anutraceutical can be retained in the freeze drying process—or the flavor can be disguised by changing its form.  Another advantage of freeze dryinganutraceutical is that refrigeration isn’t required.  Freeze drying makes shipping and subsequent use much easier. Nutraceuticals that have been freeze-dried can also be converted into a capsule or a tablet.

Part of the advantage of freeze dryingnutraceuticals is that they can taste unpleasant to many who take them.  For example, many people do not like the taste of wheat grass, but they find the nutritional value to be worth taking it,  Wheat grass is strong in iron, calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients.  By turning wheat grass into a small capsule or tablet, users can avoid the taste while benefiting from the nutrition.

Other methods used to save or storenutraceuticals often use excessive heat which can change the chemical makeup of the product, or change the way the product looks.  A commercial freeze dryer can help avoid those pitfalls.  People have been taking advantage of the freeze drying process to save and store various antioxidants, algae, sprouts (bean, broccoli, mung, and other), wheat grass, various seeds, and other products that can be used for nutritional benefits.

Adding to the shelf-life of these products is useful for producers and consumers as less product is wasted, and products can be shipped all over the world without special shipping containers or storage. Parker Freeze Dry and assist in finding the right commercial freeze dryer for your needs.

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