The Hidden Secret in the Law of Attraction and Why Not Knowing it Could Cause You to Fail

Because of the secret movie many people around the world become aware of the universal laws of attraction. However that movie was just an introduction to really applying the techniques of attraction and all too often people don’t make the effort to go deeper into the power of the law of attraction or the power of the mind.

Many people complain that the law of attraction does not work. This however is not true it is only a lack of understanding that may reflect in poor results.

The universal law of attraction is only one universal law in a series of other universal laws. In addition to that the law of attraction is a fraction of another more powerful system of attraction.

If you would really like to get a handle of manifesting what you want you must go beyond just the study of the law of attraction and understand the most precious key to attraction. That precious key is the development of the mind. You may or may not have had success with visualization and there is a reason why.

You may have been led to believe that the law of attraction is the most powerful secret but that is not really true.. The greater secrets which and catapult your power of mind as well as the law of attraction is the use of connecting with the universal forces. Connecting to the universal forces add power to your intention and does for you what visualization alone cannot do.

Connecting to the universal forces allow you to go deeper into the mind where the creative process happens. You will find that your ability to influence your reality will be heightened to outrageous levels. It is this secret that will make all the difference in your ability to manifest move deeper into the study of how the human mind and the layers of spiritual reality can enhance your power to influence your reality.

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