The Chinese Computer Industry Moves Forward

It looks line the Chinese computer chip industry is moving forward and we will soon be seeing complete Chinese made computers, laptops and other such devices come our way soon. Why?

Well China realizes that heavy industries are big polluters and they will want less of that and more high-tech and higher profit clean industries and as they build up their infrastructure they will be able to produce more for much less than we can in the United States.

Plus we know that most of the computer components now are not made in the United States anyway. Most of the stuff is made over seas, even if it is made in US Corporation Factories located in those other countries.

Many of the component of the computer that you are working on right now are made in places like Singapore, Malaysia, India and China already and soon the entire units will be made in places like China, with Chinese names on them rather than HP, Dell, Toshiba or Apple.

The Chinese Computer Industry is a fast mover and they are aggressively going after the market and they have foreign investment and cash flow to ramp up to meet World Wide consumer demand, which is also growing as the nations of the world also moves forward to complete the bridge over the digital divide. Consider all this in 2006.

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