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A digital currency named as bitcoin is trusted by many users around the world. It does not occur on paper and can be used to buy goods and can be a good investment option for you. Many people buy the bitcoins from the brokers causing inconvenience to them with geo restrictions, full id verification and the payment methods are also limited. To solve these issues there is a paxful bitcoin wallet which is the most popular for P2P bitcoin exchange around the world. The team of paxful is full of the experts who help the user to exchange their cryptocurrency freely. 

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet

Benefits of using paxful wallet

  • 300+ payment options – paxful vendors accepts every payment option. You can buy bitcoins by cash, gift cards, credit cards or online wallet. This huge range of payment option is the best part of their service. 
  • Open to almost everyone – paxful does not have geo restrictions, unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges. Anyone can use it in the world except the residents of New York as it does not have the BitLicense.
  • User can buy anonymously – in this no id is necessary required to perform the payment methods thus the lacking of identity verification means that user can buy bitcoins anonymously. 
  • Limitless – paxful doesn’t have any limit to the transactions done. Buying or selling completely depends upon the trader. Due to decentralized nature there is no third party involved so the transactions are really instant. 
  • Low commission – paxful wallet charge the minor fees of 1% to their users when they move their bitcoins out of the wallet. This really low commission makes it different from the other cryptocurrency exchanging platforms. 
  • Wide range of currency – this wallet global P2P platform so you have many option for buying and selling in the currency you want. You can also purchase the bitcoins even from silver and gold.
  • 100% secure – if you are buying these bitcoins on this platform you can rest assured that you are 100% safe. Team of paxfull wallet verifies all their sellers for your security purpose. With professional audit security and high level encryption it makes it more reliable. Anyone who is new to the bitcoin can easily use this wallet. 
  • Free – paxful wallet is available free of cost to their customers and is present on both Android and IOS platforms. This makes it simple to do the transactions effortlessly and smoothly from anywhere. 

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