How to drastically grow your sales – a TerraTrainer Review

We believe that a salesperson who does not sit still and constantly grows above himself, studies his own and other people’s experience, reads useful books and materials and communicates with customers all the time, simply cannot help but become a master. Anyone can be a seller. But only those who really want it and are willing to work for it will be able to become real professionals.

You need to work hard before you can become a master. But you don’t necessarily have to do it alone. There are many ways to get help – mentors, books, videos, webinars, seminars But we want to share one “shortcut” we’ve found to be very valuable – TerraTrainer.

We had some trouble making sales and we worked with TerraTrainer because they promised to help us overcome them. We had a “sales growth coaching session” with them and we found it to be extremely valuable – so much that it got us to write this TerraTrainer Review.

So, here are some of the things that we discussed during the coaching session – we hope they help you out too!

Never give up!

Eighty percent of all sales are made during the period from the fifth to twelfth contact with a potential buyer. That means if you’re not calling each lead at least 12 times, you’re missing a ton of client.

Never give up! This advice was left to us by the wise Sir Winston Churchill. Just three unsuccessful calls or unanswered e-mails are sometimes not enough. Until the buyer tells you the explicit, final and irrevocable “No” – do not give up! And even after that – call him back in six months. It is easier to sell to a buyer with whom some work has already been done than to find a new one and convince him of the purchase

Do not neglect the preparation

Many sellers act intuitively. They go to meetings or write letters without even bothering to Google or read information on the client’s company website. Presentations are made without tailoring it to the specific client – just copy-pasting what they usually say (made for one client and quickly redone for another). Get ready and carefullyprepare! The more facts you know about the client’s business, the higher the likelihood of a successful transaction. There is an English proverb “Failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”, “Neglecting the preparation get ready to lose.”

Be a consultant, not a seller

Never forget that people don’t like it when you sell them something! But they love to buy. Do not sell, do not push. Do not advise people that do not ask for advice. Do not ask them to buy your goods and services if you are not sure the client sees value in them. Be a consultant! Tell them about the problems they’re facing and make them realize them. After they realize their challenges, help them find a way to fix them (through your products or services). Never talk ill of competitors or blatantly praise yourself. It looks and sounds “cheap.” This is unprofessional. Find out the problems and needs of the client and help solve them in the best way. (If you need help finding clients’ problems and finding the right questions to ask, the TerraTrainer Sales Course can be very helpful)

Learn to listen and hear

Many novice sellers come to a meeting or go to the sales floor and only care about selling as much as possible. They’re so focused and fixated on this task that they almost do not see or hear their customers – they listen a little, nod their heads and immediately go on the attack. They just wait for their opportunity to speak, to present. They don’t actually care about their client or his problems.

We call this the “clown attack”. It’s funny and to no avail. Learn to listen and hear! Never start a sale until a customer says everything he wants. Even if the client is silent, with neat questions and polite prompts, fetch from him what he came up with, what’s in his head. Do not dump the entire contents of your marketing machine on him. When they give you a little bit of information – ask a good question. Find his problems and ask why they’re significant. You have two ears and one mouth – so listen twice as much as you speak. You are a consultant, not a talker.

This was just some of the advice TerraTrainer’s team gave usduring our brief 15-minute call. They helped us realize a few more mistakes we were making, and gave us practical tips on how to fix them.

And the best part of all – their sales growth coaching session  was completely free!

To end this review, we’d like to say that TerraTrainer really offer a lot of value as a business, and they truly care about their clients. They seek to help their clients get real results, and not just to sell them something and leave them. This is why we’d like to recommend TerraTrainer to any salesperson that wants to improve, or any person in general that is looking to reach the next level.


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