Business Setup in UAE Mainland Explained

Business setup in UAE mainland fall under three categories that include; professional licenses, commercial licenses and industrial licenses. Professional licenses cover artisans, craftsmen, services and professions, commercial licenses cover all trade activities, while industrial licenses cover manufacturing and industrial activities. Note that, all these licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development. However, certain license categories require approval from relevant government authorities and ministries. For instance, financial institutions and banks require approval from the UAE Central Bank, insurance organizations and related agencies must be approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Economy while medical products and pharmaceutical businesses must be approved by the Ministry of Health. 

Apart from the licensure requirement, the UAE law stipulates that commercial companies should have a local equity of not less than 51%. The law also defines the 7 legal business model categories that can be started in the UAE. 

The business setup in Dubai mainland requirements are defined in terms of number of shareholders, company directors, incorporation procedures and minimum capital levels. In addition, laws governing the merger, dissolution and conversion of companies are laid down. As such, it is paramount for foreign investors to engage business setup in Dubai mainland consultants who are conversant with the laid down mainland company formation laws to ensure that their businesses remain compliant with federal laws.

Benefits of business setup in UAE mainland

The United Arab Emirates offers access to world class and modern infrastructure that not only attracts a wide range of global and Indian investors but also the world’s best talents. As such, investors can expect to hire and work with the most talented and qualified employees based in the UAE. Alternatively, investors can sponsor a number of their native employees who understand their business norms and requirements where they lack the resources and time to recruit and train new employees. 

Dubai and the UAE region at large has proven its potential at becoming the global leader in development of business hubs that support both local and foreign investors. This reputation attracts big multi-national corporations that subcontract businesses to business setups in UAE mainland. In return, business startups record growth, profit generation and build international business connections. The rising business growth speed has positioned Dubai among leading luxury destinations like Paris and New York. Notably, the region is classified as the most connected and developed business destination. 

Business setup in UAE mainland offers foreign investors the freedom to directly explore the retail market in the entire UAE jurisdiction. Additionally, investors can expand their office reach and apply for more employee visas. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in a tax free region with ambitious leaders who make investor friendly legislations, consider a business setup in UAE mainland

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