Facing Shortage of Cash: Take Loan Against Your Car

When one deals with a demand to schedule funds at a brief notice, properties possessed can come convenient. Instead of liquidating the assets, one can organize finances on the basis of the safety of the possessions. On the same lines, it is feasible for a vehicle proprietor to make use of fast funds against the security of the vehicle. Lending can be availed at a fast pace, as well as at a fairly more affordable rate of interest as compared to individual funding.

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  • Form

The applicant can see a bank or finance business internet site to get funding against the vehicle. A loan application form can be filled up which requests details such as vehicle make, year of manufacture, design, the purpose of use, i.e., commercial/personal. As soon as these details are filled, as well as submitted, a financial institution representative method the applicant to finish the formalities. This includes filling up a physical type for a car loan application in addition to essential documents.

  • Records

Bank information, copies of income tax returns for the last 2 to 3 years as well as a copy of financial institution declaration require to be provided with the application. In addition to this, documents, such as identification as well as address proof and picture also require to be provided.

  • Process

Once records are sent, a verification and assessment process is initiated by the finance/bank business to get to the current worth of the vehicles. The financing is picked the basis of this worth.

  • Fees

Car loan handling charges, documents fees are payable at the time of financing disbursal. Finance is provided for a duration of 18-60 months.

Points to keep in mind

  • Finance may not be processed against a business vehicle or one with a commercial number plate.
  • No guarantor is needed for this funding, as the vehicle itself is the security.

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