Latest Advancements in Industrial Manufacturing and Design


Industrial manufacturing trends 2019: External conditions pose ...Steady industry growth for industrial control panel manufacturers and similar manufacturing and design companies was a constant theme in 2019. Manufacturing in the United States has significantly rebounded since the Great Depression with an increase in over 1.1 million jobs in the past 9 years. These figures are expected to increase through the year 2020 with the latest advancements in industrial manufacturing and design continuing to lead to more jobs. Read on as we will discuss some of those advancements and how they are disrupting and shaping the industry as a whole.

Additive Manufacturing

The latest in 3D printing can help many industrial control panel manufacturers and similar industries to reduce costs, boost production, and limit waste. These technologies are also becoming much more affordable for small businesses and large corporations alike. The NIST in collaboration with the Measurement Science for Additive Manufacturing (MSAM) Program found that manufacturers should consider the following aspects. There is no need to buy additive manufacturing machines to try it out. Local companies can help manufacturers test designs before purchasing expensive equipment. If your company is already using computer-aided design (CAD), it is just a step away from using additive manufacturing. For instance, if the data is already digital, then it is an easy process to provide it to a local company with additive manufacturing equipment and create prototypes among other things.


In modern manufacturing processes, automation has become a critical technological advancement. It has allowed for things such as 24-hour manufacturing processes, less expensive, and less complex manufacturing processes. This has led to cutting costs across many industries, allowing industrial control panel manufacturers and many similar industries to enjoy higher profits with higher quality products.

Collaborative Robots

Goes hand in hand with automation. Collaborative robots also are known as cobots are designed to work side by side with humans. Along with additive manufacturing, this revolution in the industry is expected to generate $34 billion by 2026. Many researchers are conducting studies into humans and robots as coworkers in anticipation of growing demand.

Smart Manufacturing

Analytics and machine learning are now readily available, and they can improve efficiency and productivity. An MEP National Network article about “smart manufacturing” defined it as “The practice of making information about manufacturing processes available when and where it is needed, in the form it is needed, so that, smart decisions can be made about the course of critical business operations.” The article provides insight into the rationale to build an intuitive business model on the short-term and long-term goals for the business and margins to achieve those goals. Then only after that, can you determine what kind of technology and machines you need to produce to reach your goals.

Custom Industrial Assemblies

Many companies such as HELTRONICS are offering custom setups for industrial manufacturing and design. Gone are the days of one size fits all with modern companies using all of the tools above to produce lost cost but highly efficient pieces of industrial equipment. With custom installations, industrial control panel manufacturers and many other manufacturing industries are leading the charge with a lower cost yet more profitable options for an efficient streamlined business. Please visit here for more details:

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