Which Cryptocurrency is Worth to Invest in 2020

The year 2020 seems to be an exciting year for the cryptocurrency market. A lot of promising events like Bitcoin Halving and Ethereum 2.0 are supposed to happen this year that could completely change the trend of how we view cryptocurrencies as an investment asset.

Let’s discuss the top cryptocurrencies in which you could invest in 2020.


Although many projects came after Bitcoin but being the first one in the market, it always got benefit from that. It is so popular that it became the synonym of cryptocurrency in general. At the start, people were not sure about how the technology worked and how they could benefit from it. Although the Bitcoin was created as a digital cash transaction system. Over time, as its value increased and more and more people took an interest, the Bitcoin became a valuable asset. People started investing in it and enjoyed great profits.

When it comes to the year 2020 for Bitcoin, it is crucial as a halving event is supposed to happen in May 2020, after which the reward value will be decreased to 6.25 BTC. Since Bitcoin is known as the gold of the internet, this reduction in reward value will result in its increased value following the basic supply and demand concept. Only time will tell how things will turn out eventually.


Although we could say that Bitcoin is an evergreen market leader since its launch still Ethereum was one of few influential projects that showed it worth in cryptocurrency market.

As far as 2020 is concerned, the Ethereum 2.0 event could set the future tone for the project. There are some promising features to be added that could result in the increased value of the ETH coin that could prove to be fruitful for your investments—being the 2nd most significant project in a list after Bitcoin, Ethereum is always under the eyes of investors who are keen in development of the project.


Ripple is one of those projects which stick to what they aimed at the start. The project remained focus on cross border transactions for which they built strong financial relationships. Unlike other projects, Ripple wants to integrate into the current financial structure rather than opposing it. The project faced some backlash in recent years, but as of writing this, Ripple is being ranked as 3rd well-performing cryptocurrency on cryptocurrency market.


ZB Token (ZB) is an exchange token and the native currency of the ZB.COM cryptocurrency exchange. The Zb coin could use to get discounts and VIP status plans that will reduce your transaction fee while using the ZB cryptocurrency trading platform. Zb token has performed well in the recent past, and the project has allocated a ZB user protection fund that is designed to help protect the assets and profits of the users.

Furthermore, if you want to invest in these promising cryptocurrencies in 2020, the ZB cryptocurrency trading platform will make a great choice. You can realize all the exchange of above cryptocurrencies in the ZB cryptocurrency trading platform.

In addition to the cryptocurrency trading on your PC, the ZB app can also a way for you to trade and store your cryptocurrencies with a clear cryptocurrency trading page. Also, their protection measures for the cryptocurrency trading process make them most proud, which ensuring you a comfortable experience when operating on the ZB cryptocurrency trading platform.

This was our brief guide on a few of the cryptocurrencies in which you could invest in 2020. The other notable mentions in this regard are projects like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Tether.

Note: The opinion shared above is of the writer; we are not responsible for any financial decisions made based on our guide.

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