How to make 5,000 per month with these 3 Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is a well-known freelance marketplace for earning serious money online. Thousands of people are making money from home. There are ample marketplaces online but it is an excellent one for online promotion-related jobs and works. Fiverr is the best marketplace to generate money from home with the least effort and spending less duration.

How to Start Generating Money on Fiverr:

The Fiverr is a marketplace where anyone can sell the service, products, work, and even tutorials at some cost. Now, one can sell 1 gig at more than $100, $200, $300. So, it is easy to make 5000 per month. Let’s have a look at step-by-step:

Step 1: Join Fiverr

  • One can join it with ease.
  • Just click to join button and fill-up the email address along with the other necessary content that they ask and check the email to confirm the registration.
  • After confirming the email, now the account is active and one can log into the account.

Step 2: Create a gig

     After completing the account creation, the initial work for everyone is to make a gig what one wants to sell. It will be service, jobs, products, works, tutorials, and much more. The user can use maximum gigs services on Fiverr

Then let’s save and proceed. Let’s get start with the Gigs:


  • Resume, Cover letters or Bio:


This Gig is Resume Writing. This service is very much in need as people are seeking for jobs every day. The writing skills are demanded.


  • Logo Designs:


This Gig will give creating logos for companies. Catchy, stunning and unique designs will get more. It is easy and needs details attention.


  • Social Media Marketing:


Social Media has the package start at $35 and it will be up to $ 60 per month. If one will good at running ads on Instagram and Facebook. For more information, Please visit :

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