The Transformation and Appearance of Digital Currencies 

An Introduction

Yield-bearing digital currencies introduced by Kinesis is well known globally, which is based on 1:1 on physical, allocated, gold and silver. When people opt to purchase Kinesis currencies, the concern are simultaneously allocated real gold or silver stored securely in one of several third-party vaults around the world. In addition to this one of the important benefits of this is that it ensures no counterparty risk. 

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It’s Operation 

The Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), is the one through which the Kinesis Money is fully operated. It is an institutional marketplace set up in 2011 for the trade of physical precious metals, gold and silver, being two of the most stable and definable stores of value, across seven global locations.  For the benefit of Kinesis Money, ABX provides the comprehensive infrastructure with the advent of block chain technology – and the introduction of crypto currencies. This gives it a firm advantage over other crypto’s in the gold space which simply do not have this backing.

Various Forms and Usage

These Kinesis coins in digital form (KAUs represents the gold-based coin and KAGs represents silver), can easily be used at point of sale through the Kinesis debit card, allowing the users to make quick and secure transactions. Holders of Kinesis currencies can redeem the coin and take delivery of the underlying physical precious metal guaranteeing intrinsic value with this crypto currency. Kinesis Money which are opted to create a proprietary fork of the Stellar Block chain Network to enable extremely fast transaction speeds and a truly scalable global monetary system. The other aspect in this regard is the Kinesis Debit cards, which allows for instant conversation of Kinesis’s currencies into another currency anywhere in the world where Visa or Mastercard are accepted. The payment operation is done dynamically due to the connection between your card and your mobile e-wallet where your kinesis coins are stored as a result each successful transaction deducts a certain amount of coins. The price of the card is reasonable.

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On looking on various aspects of coins, we can see the things look better when it comes to moving your funds through mobile wallets to your cards. The charges as to move funds to/from mobile wallet into/out checking/savings account will cost you only $1.00 per transaction as well as the merchant processing fees.

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