How Can You Avoid Financial Fraud Via Identity Theft?

Identity fraud is one of the most worrying trends in the history of the internet. Right now the number of people falling victim to identity fraud has been rising astronomically. It is the fastest growing crime in the world right now, and still, there are millions upon millions of people still surfing the World Wide Web or connecting to the internet for whatever reason without any security to deter identity thieves.

One of the scariest statistic reported by the ‘Crime Museum’, one of the most popular crime stats websites online, over 9 million Americans have fallen victim to identity theft.

That is a crazy stats considering there are 250 million people in the US. Almost 5% of the population have already fallen victim to criminals that are using their identity to steal their finances or use their identity for other frauds such as human trafficking, tax fraud, and so on. Imagine what the global statistics are for identity fraud if almost 5% of the US are already falling victim.

There are plenty of countries out there in which people are still just discovering the World Wide Web. Even a decade into nationwide internet connectivity is not enough time to educate every one using the internet on how to protect themselves from cyber scams. In the US most people are aware of the threats, but even then there are still millions not protecting their internet activity. You can only imagine what is happening in some of the world’s lower economically developed countries (LEDCs).

How Can You Avoid Falling Victim To Identity Theft?

There are several ways you can protect yourself. First of all, try to understand how you use the internet. This will have no bearing in the security you implement because whatever happens you are going to need to secure your connection. By thinking about your internet activities, you will be able to understand just how you are at risk.

If you use a lot of torrent downloads, then you need pirate torrent software and a VPN, plus a secure download area that cannot access the rest of your machine. This way your connection is encrypted so you do not get caught downloading torrents, and secondly, the secure download area affords you the opportunity to have any downloaded files scanned by an anti-virus or spyware tool. 

Next, think about all the people that will have access to your WiFi. If you live in an apartment block, then quite a few people will have access. It only takes one tech-savvy hacker to break into your internet router and start stealing data. I mean let’s face it, if you are not an IT person, then how do you know hoe the safe the router is that the internet company provided you?

Also, when you are work, your device could be at risk. Working in a large company means that there is likely to be several IT staff. Who knows which one of them could be trying to make some extra money on the side by defrauding people that use work internet routers to access financial data. Apply for cyber security course in hyderabad to know more

The group most at risk mentioned here are those using Pirate Bay or any other torrents to download. This is where I would say 10% of cyber threats occur because torrents are easy targets for batch files that can trigger a virus to start putting the wheel in motion and stealing your personal data. Make sure you invest in something like the pirates bay french software.

Lastly, make sure that you have 2-factor authentication turned on for your accounts. This would be for your email, bank accounts, crypto wallets and so on. It is usually better to have an SMS sent with a code as opposed to using your email address for two-factor authentication. Today thieves are so clever that they can use hot spots on your smartphone to guess your PIN, so make sure you use a thumbprint or facial recognition. Even then you will sometimes need to use the PIN, so make sure you wipe your screen regularly. Learn more about cyber world at cyber security course in bangalore

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